What's the Skinny on iPods?


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i have a feeling dwise just doesn't travel in the same techno geeky crowds that are familiar to us, otherwise he'd know that already. it does work that way with itunes & ipods. i know people who refuse to use them for that reason.

there *are* other options...


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I'd just been ripping CDs so far. The conversion is built-in. So sometimes it converts automatically and other times not and you just have to guess?

So then what? Each time I bring in a sound file I have to drop it in, then go to "Advanced" (for a feature that should be standing operating procedure) to tell iTunes to convert it, then delete the original file hoping that I don't mess up and delete the converted file instead. Now that's user-friendly!

My sister received an iPod for Xmas last year and I've helped her to set it up and to use iTunes. We went through the process of ripping songs off a CD, then we'd sync the iPod and none of the songs got loaded in! It took some experimenting, but I finally figured out that on her version of iTunes you have to explicitly move the imported songs from "Recently Added" to "Music". Which I've never had to do in my version. Which also tells me that "upgrading" to a newer version of iTunes will undoubtedly cause it to behave quite differently. Nice consistent interface; that's what makes it so user-friendly.

When they built OS X on top of UNIX, I actually started to toy with the idea of switching over. iTunes keeps reminding me that I've made the right choice by not switching over.

Tomorrow's my day off and I get off work in another hour. Looking forward to watching the shows that I've taped on my VCRs this past week.

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