What's this move?

Hi, I'm new to swing dancing, and went to a club for the first time last night. This guy showed me this move that I guess I would call a windmill sort of motion with your feet. You put one foot out, switch your feet, then switch again, cross it over and pivot. I got it down when I was there, but I tried it today, and it fell flat. I can kind of do it, but I feel like there's element to it that I'm forgetting. I don't even know if this would be considered swing. When I do it now, it looks celtic, but I could've sworn the fancy way we did it in the club it was more swing or maybe breakdancing. Please enjoy this pathetic attempt, poorly recorded by myself


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Student of the month? I think you posted the wrong file. :)

Easier to upload it to youtube, and share the link. If you don't want anyone to see it other than here, make it private.
After more searching, I think I found them on the Alphabetical Jazz Steps video on youtube. It's called the cross step in the video, if that's what I was going for, though the uploader said they're not sure about the name.


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Is that it at 3:23? I've seen them referred to as suicide kicks as well, or two-steps if you're talking to a hip hopper.

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