What's Your Favorite Dance?

Do you'll do the Drifter and the Cowboy Cha Cha and the Horseshoe partner dances where you live or is it just a Northern California thing??
I live in Southern California, and they do those dances at the country dance clubs down here. I usually go to Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, and they do those dances there and also El Paso, Desperado Wrap, Denver Cha Cha, and Sweetheart Schottische. They also do the Barn Dance and Renegade mixer dances.
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No Cowboy Country? (Only place down there I've been so far)
Thanks. It's nice to be a participant in this forum.

I haven't been to Cowboy Country yet, but I heard it is good. Borderline, Montana's, and Brandin' Iron are some good country dance clubs in the L.A. area that I have been to.
What is your absolute favorite dance and why??:bandit:
My dance preferences change over time, but I would have to say that my favorite dance overall is salsa. Salsa is the dance that I am best at, and that I have had the most success with in dance competitions. I like it that the salsa dance phrases with the music, and that it can be danced in a slot, so I don't need to worry about dance traffic as much as I do in the travelling dances. I also like it that the dance is fun and sexy, and that there are a lot of clubs in my area where I can go to dance it, and that there are a lot of nice ladies at those clubs to dance it with.
Traditional Canadian country dance from the prairies. It's danced with three partners. Traditionally, due to a lack of women, a woman has two men at each arm. Nowadays, it can be mix-and-match. The music is played in a slow portion and a fast portion. The slow portion is a promenade done as a skip. The fast portion is an exchange of do-si-dos, whereby the middle dosidos with one wing and then the other. Not many videos of it online. It's a great dance when the liquor has been pouring because it can be a brutal dance, especially when the fiddler decides to play tricks with the dancers.

There is not many videos of this dance on Youtube. There is a derivative dance I have seen done in the US (Iowa) that they call the Flying Dutchman.

I see similar dancing in ten step.

I find that I enjoy different dances for different reasons - big influences are the music and partner. I'm mostly CW probably because those were the closest venues when I started and now I prefer the more relaxed and social atmosphere of CW.
My favorite choice(s) are difficult but I would rank two as tied for first and for very different reasons:
Progressive 2 step because of its energy and structure.
WCS because of its freedom to dance to the music.
Next probably NC2 because of its smoothness and flowing style.

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now I prefer the more relaxed and social atmosphere of CW
Sounds like we have a few things in common. Saturday night is pretty crazy at my CW joint right now. The place is packed with newbies. For instance, last week when 455 Rocket came on, I found myself having to dodge people doing schottische and one of my "favorites" - elbow swing - I mean, cowboy swing - while those of who have been around were doing WCS.
I had to go and retrieve a jacket on Tuesday, and, as I'd been told more than once, a lot of the "more seasoned" dancers were there and the teacher / dj was playing good songs for two step.

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