when a blonde hits on you


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make sure she's not holding a box cutter.

i was at a park feeding the homeless when this person, motivated by the voices in her head, took a cab to the park, got out, walked across the park, came up behind me, used a box cutter on my neck, then jogged back to her cab, got in and left the park. it gets better - she was out on unsupervised probation after attacking two homeless men with a knife in january.


fortunately, she managed to miss certain arteries or i might have bled out on the spot.

now up to about 3-4 dances a night before my body says i have to stop.



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thanks for your well wishes. i'm sleeping about 12-14 hours a day after trying to go back to a normal routine for about a week.

everyone else seems to be more freaked out about it that i am. but my problems are a little more tangible. i know that if this person had attacked someone else successfully i'd be overprocessing on how i didn't stop it somehow.

i've been back to the park since i got out of the hospital. the response of some of the folks who come out to eat has strengthened my resolve to keep doing so.


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my gosh, I thought this was going to be a joke!!

Please be well and heal!
i wish this were a joke, although there have actually been a lot of somewhat funny moments (i have a quirky sense of humor) thoughout all of this.

this morning i got contacted to be consulted concerning sentencing. my attacker has 17 misdemeanor convictions and has admitted quite freely that she intended to kill me and wanted to drink my blood. given that we are complete strangers and there's obviously something very not right about her, i'm able to be forgiving and not particularly vindictive, but i don't think she should be out under any circumstances.

it's first degree (premeditated) attempted murder, so the minimum sentence starts at 15-life. i don't pretend to understand the nuances, but it goes to life + 4 for the use of a box cutter (in CA, life +10 for using a firearm, life +10 +20 for discharging that firearm.) which i think is added to the determinate portion of the sentence. eligibility for parole is based on that determinate portion. 15-life would mean eligibility for parole in only eight years, though highly unlikely due to the unique circumstances in this case. 15-life +4 might mean eligibility in 10 years or 12. and the CA victim's bill of rights means i have to be notified if she were to get a parole hearing.


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oh yeah - i met my trauma surgeon who told me that they'd had to repair branches off my carotid. it still seems so unreal contemplating this.


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Tsb, so sorry you had to go through this. Glad you're doing well.

This sort of thing makes me glad I'm not so social a person. I was just discussing this with a friend while we were watching the local news. A homeless man stabbed someone on the street, then went in to a Target store, stabbed several more, held a girl hostage, putting her in the hospital.. I mean, it's craziness out there, and I actually don't feel so bad about being borderline reclusive these days lol

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