When will we reach 1,000,000 posts?


It's more than a decade in the making, and we are a little over 970,000 posts right now. It shouldn't be too much longer, maybe even this year. When do you think we will reach 1,000,000 posts?


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Its funny, I was thinking about this the other day... when we were the new kids on the block, building to our first 100 members, our first 1,000 posts, etc., and were just hoping to eek out some space under the HUGE (or so they then seemed) forums that already existed. I guess we made it, huh? ;)


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I could write a little script for that...

(I assume that the post count never goes down.)

However, I won't.


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Well, it looks like we're up about 2,500 in roughly 2 weeks, maybe 2 and 1/2. If it continues at about the same rate, another 27,500 should be between 25 and 30 weeks. :p

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