Where to buy ready dance hair pieces?


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I am from germany, so please excuse my english :)

I am looking for a hair piece which is ready to wear for dancing. Do you have some ideas and internet sites for me. Some years ago I bought at dancehairspecial.nl but she doesn`t produce anymore. :( Only in stock and these are the wrong colours or it is not so nice. The sites I found are only normaly hair pieces, not especially for dancing.

Thanks for your help!


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wow, beautiful stuff.
So, is it typical of dancers to use items like this, or do most people use their own hair? I have long hair, but have never attempted these intricate swirly stoned masterpieces.


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I always use my own hair, but that's mostly because my hair color changes so frequently that spending big bucks on one of those pieces would be a waste. I've thought about getting some extensions and trying to make my own stick on hair bits though.

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I"ve gone both ways ;-P I used to use them more because I wasn't as good at doing my own hair (less practice back then) and also, I had the half-shaved head thing happening (LOL so ballroomy!) so i really needed more hair. I also have thin hair so I just didn't have enough hair to do a decent sized bun AND swirlies (and cover the shaved part).

Now I tend to not wear them as much unless i'm going to be in a situation where I don't have a lot of time to fuss with my hair. For most people, learning to do their own hair takes a LOT of practice (and a LOT of hairspray, which i would say is the #1 reason why many self-hairstyles fail... not enough hairspray!!). I was one of those people that wasn't fantastic at doing hair to start but it gets better the more you do it. Plus having longer hair, (and no more shaved head) really helps. But sometimes I'll still wear a swirly piece (because I have it, and they are fantastically easy/fast) and the rest is my own hair like normal.

One of the keys to making the fake hair looking good is if you can achieve a similar texture with your own hair so they blend... if you have fuzzy not-well-hairsprayed hair (like how my hair looks on a daily basis haha) and then stick one of those things on, then it will look really weird. If you can get a good slicked-back shiny look with your hair and then put one on that matches your hair colour, then most people likely won't even realize it's fake.

However one of the things that always makes me paranoid about wearing a hairpiece is if it comes off during the performance. I was able to secure it really well but it would still make me apprehensive (even just a mental thing). Using all your own hair means you don't have to worry about that ;-P

At most of our local comps, they're a bit on the smaller side so not a heck of a lot of people wear the fake pieces simply because they usually aren't even aware that they exist. When I'm at a larger comp, I can spot fakes (not because they look bad, but because I love the designs and spend a lot of time looking at them HAHA) and i would say definitely less than half the dancers use the hairpieces. Why? Likely budget or frequent hair colour changes, or not wanting to commit to a single style, or even not knowing that such things are available. Could be any reason really.

I do know someone who has taking a "regular" hair piece that she styles it herself and then attaches it to her head so it's similar concept but cheaper and easier for her.

I have purchased from both those vendors that i posted links to, and their work is beautiful. Couldn't figure out the magic substance that they use to make them though haha.


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Yep, would be a heckuvalot easier to make those intricate styles if the hair wasn't attached to your head first. I was poking around those websites, and there is mention of "black glue" and "glue remover", so I'm guessing these critters aren't just pinned in place, but glued also.


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I got one at Ohio and have since had people come up to me and ask me how long it takes to do my hair because its so intricate. They are always surprised when I say 15-20 minutes because all I have to do is get a decent bun going and the slap that critter on top. I hold it in place with just hairpins (not bobbypins as much!). It was pricey (about $170 if I recall) but 100% worthwhile.


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I got one at Ohio and have since had people come up to me and ask me how long it takes to do my hair because its so intricate. They are always surprised when I say 15-20 minutes because all I have to do is get a decent bun going and the slap that critter on top. I hold it in place with just hairpins (not bobbypins as much!). It was pricey (about $170 if I recall) but 100% worthwhile.
Do you happen to remember the vendor's name?


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I have faith in DF that we'll eventually figure out how to make our own, hehe. Just like with the regular hair ornaments and what that damned rubbery backing stuff is.

I do feel sorry for those with harder-to-match hair colors!


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Well! then, my critter has alot of love. I suffer from migraines, not the kind you take a pill and wait a few hours, the kind that blinds you, really, and you can't function for days/nights on end. Figured out that one of the massive triggers, was getting my hair pulled up and styled,,,for ballroom comp. I got mine from hairdancespecial.nl but like the original post said, she is not creating anymore,,,and to me,,,makes me sad,,,she was great! Glad there are some other sites. Oh, and dare I say, i have a massive amount of thick long hair, but i can whip the hair style with the critter into competition shape in less than 15 minutes and wella! no headache!!!! ta DAAAAA. thank you, thank you very much.!~


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is there a similar style on one of the websites mentioned earlier, and/or can you post a photo of this lovely critter?
One is already on DF under the Photo Album (3wishes) look for three bands of crystals going across my forehead. OR pm me and I can send you some more detailed shots. We can chat,,,via PM. rather than taking up the thread.

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... been meaning to get these pics up LOL.

Pay no attention to the construction zone in the background.

Here are a couple of the hair pieces close-up. This set is from H for Hair. It does not come with combs; you have to glue it to your hair with hair adhesive, which is basically like steroid-level eyelash glue. Works good, but it's a real ***** to remove. You have to work at it with something oily as a remover (there are specific products, or use oil-based makeup remover). The rest comes out in the shower with a lot of hot water and conditioner (or oil), a fine comb and a lot of patience.

The hairpiece is pretty hard and thick, and probably difficult to pin to your head.

These are cheaper than Tamishyo, but IMO a little less user-friendly, and less refined looking. What I do like though is that the swirly stuff is thicker (which you can see better from far) and the not-quite-perfect look makes it a bit more believable that I did it myself (LOL).

HforHair 1.jpg HforHair 2.jpg HforHair 3.jpg Hforhair 4.jpg
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For comparison, here is a Tamishyo product.

It is a lot easier to use because of the combs (and that french roll came with those giant U Pins as well). There are instructions on their site how to wear it... it shows to put two bobby-pins into your hair at a 90 degree angle to the comb insertion so it can really secure it into your hair.

I used another pile of smaller U pins to secure all the other bits to my hair. It stayed really well, in spite of a few head knocks. Although as most of you know, having that many pins in your head can be super annoying (they poke your scalp) but it did beat having to use hair adhesive!

For two-day events, I have removed it but slept with my hair still "did" (in a slick-back nub-bun), and re-attached it the next day just fine.

I also took pics of the hair ornament, that I bought once my shaved parts grew in, and I could make my own bun and simply add something fancy to the front/side or right next to the bun.

It's a great product. Well made. This company would be my #1 choice for fake hair, however is the most $$$.


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