Where to learn to dance in NYc?

Hello to everyone here.

I would like to ask or if anyone know a good dance studio to learn tango in NYC. I always wanted to learn, but was to lazy to go take classes. I just came back from Buenos Aries and went to some Tango clubs , now I am really want to learn.

Any help would be great. Thanks

Well. I just started tango and am not so familiar with the ins and outs of different places, but I've been going to Dance Manhattan on 19th street and I like it.

They have a lot of classes and they also have multiple social-dance opportunities during the week. I also like the way their beginner sessions are structured: they have sixteen beginner lessons (4 lessons x 4 themes) that you have to get through at least once, and they recommend twice, before you advance to the next level. There are beginner lessons on Mon, Tue, Thu, and Sat, and you can start anytime and take them in any order, which is really good for me. For social dance/practice, there's a tango Salon on Mondays, Tango Jam on Wednesdays, a practica on Saturdays, and a milonga once a month.

The other place I know that has AT is You Should Be dancing on 32nd street but their offerings are more restricted and they don't have as many social-dance opportunities.
Sandra Cameron
- Been here 5 months...It's been slow going, but we're finally getting to some "interesting" material. The classes have great continuity, but man, you have to be really dedicated to go at the pace we're going.

- Been here as well, younger crowd, different approach to introducing Tango and is designed to introduce you to the basic concepts faster and get you dancing. Very friendly atmosphere

Dance Manhattan
- Larger studio than Sandra Cameron, and many many classes available. The classes are modular, but in my opinion, was a strength and a drawback. It's a strength because if you know what you want, you can take just those classes, but as a beginner there's a big feeling of discontinuity there. You can pick and choose what classes you want to take, but unless you take them with the exact same teacher, you always run the risk of being introduce to the same material over and over again.

Tangoblivion (intermediate and up, but some beginning classes)
- Met Misha and Angeles...superb dancers, and two of the nicest teachers I've met to date

Stepping out Studios

- Look up Oliver Kolker Jennifer Bratt calls him "best male instructor in NY" right now ;) He didn't return my email, but that's ok, I'm up to my eyeballs in good teachers right now anyway :)

Empire Dance
- $$$

- $$$

Some tango resources for you for NY
Milonga schedule
Start with one studio because in the beginning it is overwhelming, more so for leaders than followers. However, eventually branch out and "cherry pick" to take the best of each studio. If you stick with just one teacher, you could end up being a bad clone. Moreover, no matter how good any one teacher is, no one teacher will ever pick up on everything, notice everything, or focus on the same thing.

I've taken classes at the followings studios and recommend them:

Dance Manhattan - Great program with great teachers. Rebecca Shulman, Mariela Franganillo, Valeria Solomonoff, Pablo Pugliese, Willie Feurer. Pablo is the son of Mingo & Ester Pugliese. His classes are like Master Classes. Complete in every way. Any class with him is worthwhile. I mention Pablo because he was out of NYC most of last year.

Empire Dance -- Robin Thomas teaches there on Thursdays. He used to be the close embrace guru, but apparently he teaches open embrace too. I've never taken open embrace with Robin so I can't comment, and I think his strength is close embrace.

Stepping Out Studios -- Oliver Kolker and Maria Jose Sosa. Oliver is the milonga king. Period. Maria Jose is traditional, soft, and gentle.

Sandra Cameron -- Karina Romero & Dardo Galleto. Two of the warmest people around.

A regular visiting teacher to NYC is Eric Jorisson from the Netherlands. He comes to NYC in the Spring/Summer and the Fall. He'll be in NYC at Dance Manhattan in June. Some consider him to be one of the best social dancing tango teacher world-wide. I agree. His classes are a treat. Don't miss them.

Jorge Torres, captain of the Forever Tango show, is another favorite. When he's in town, he teaches some workshops at Dance Manhattan. There are not enough positive adjectives to describe him. It would be better to take his classes and appreciate his smooth, effortless style when you are more advanced, but if he gives a beginner class or an all-levels class, it is worth it to be in his class. When Mariela Franganillo and Jorge Torres perform, it is perfection. They are my favorite performance couple. And he's so darned nice!

Go to practicas to practice, and go to milongas to observe. If you get to the milongas early, the floor is less crowded and easier for newbies. I don't recommend leaders dancing at crowded milongas. You can try, but during the height of the milonga when there are 100-200 people in the room, you could get discouraged, which would be counterproductive for you.

A friend once asked one the teachers above "what can I do next to be better" and the teacher said simply "you have to practice." You cannot become good at taking a lot of classes without even more practicing with a lot of different dancers.

There is an excess of teachers in NYC, so buyer beware. Sometimes it seems like anyone who's taken X years of classes decides they can teach too.

Good luck and glad you discovered the joy of tango.

P.S. Go see the Carlos Copello show at Symphony Space tomorrow and the Orquesta Tipica Fierro at Joe's Pub at the end of the month. The Orquesta will also play at Stepping Out on a Friday. Check out Richard Lipkin's website for details.

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