Where to WCS or CWD in San Jose Area

I will be in San Jose CA for a week next month. Is there any place to go dancing WCS or country western partner dancing in this area. Will have a car so can drive. Thanks!

Steve Pastor

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This place has been open for decades.
Visited once back in the late 80s. Two years ago when I went to Nepal and flew through San Francisco, I considered renting a car and driving over there for an evening. (All things considered, a flight across the Pacific, night in Hong Kong, then half way across Asia, I didn't, but you get the point.)


PS correction - it closed then reopened in new location with new owner but same name!


I believe on Saturday nights at Cheryl Burke dance they have some decent WCS/hustle going on. I may not be in the right places, but I have only seen the country 2 step danced once in the year I have been here.
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