Where your parents like this?

What were your parents like?

  • They were bossy and overbearing.

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  • They always tried to keep up with the times.

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  • I don't remember or care.

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  • What can I say- parents will always be parents.

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Just curious- where your parents always trying to be cool and fit in with your friends? How about not wanting you to get a boyfriend? Is it just my parents?
Sorry; this is just another one of my posts where I try to make my utterly boring 4-day weekend a little more fun. Thanks- is it just me, or is this a bit of a retorical question? aren't parents supposed to embarress their kids beyond hope of social come-back? :roll:
My parents were pretty old by the time I was born. They were also afraid of crowds and meeting new people. So, I grew up in the middle of nowhere never really knowing anybody but my family. I did not know what girlfriends even were. This might sound like a complaint, but it isn't. They were decent parents according to their limitations. Needless to say, they never tried to look cool for my friends. They couldn't have been cool if they had tried. They did teach me many things, though. I started to work with my father when I was seven years old. I worked in the fields with the Mexicans and got to know a little Spanish when I was very young. I probably learned to respect my elders. All the people I knew were my elders, people who had known my parents for years. I got married late, because I had no girlfriends when I was young. But I was very, very, very patient when I looked for the right girl. I had to date her for a couple of years before we married. It was her parents' way. They were very traditional like my parents. I could only visit her at her house with a chaperone, and only certain nights of the week. Be patient with your parents. I know now how tough it is. I am trying to teach my son the Argentine Tango. I want him to have what I didn't when I was young, but I want him to have what I had as well. This world is tough on parents. I guess it's tough on kids, too.
I LOVE my mom...bless her heart, but she STILL embarrasses me (I'm now 23 nearly 24 and have moved away from home) beyond all hope with no way for a come back. I think it's just their nature.

I guess someday we'll have that same right...to embarass our children beyond all reason. It's really a vicious cycle.


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That was my vote too.

I figure that parents mostly try their best... sometimes that's good enough, sometimes it isn't. They're human too...

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