Whining Thread #2


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Gutter stuff usually stinks big time.

Surprised you needed to document it though. Wouldn't a phone call or email have been enough for the mgmt company?
No. Last time this happened the management company thought the gutters in question were attached to sunroom, in which case they would have been my responsibility. I had to send a photo to show they were attached to the roof and wall by the garage, which is clearly their responsibility.

The management company excels at claiming maintenance items aren't their problem. I also had an issue with the outside light fixture by the garage not working; the fixture is shared with another owner. Management company claimed since the light fixture was only used by the two owners, it wasn't common property and basically it was our problem. I had someone clean it, and it works fine now.
Ugh. just when i've been so happy with my main home studio, and have successfully forced the owner of the second studio to interact with me as little as possible so that i can only deal with the one pro i dance with over there, i find out that my OLD pro, the one that owned the second studio and left in a terrible, terrible, burned bridges way, might come back to main home studio! WHAT IN THE EVER LOVING h*ck?! i literally never want to speak with that man again, much less dance with him. ew. ew ew ew ew ew. also, I am an ADULT. why is my life turning into a bad episode of Saved by the Bell?! At lesson tomorrow, will inform current pro that if he thinks he can dump me BACK on to old pro, he has another thing coming. and that thing will be my fist in his face. because i am not about to downgrade - current pro took a year to reteach me everything i'd learned wrong from old pro - and also NO. my name is no, my number is no, you get the picture. OK. rant over.
@FancyFeet - he's also the owner (with his wife), has a 3-month old, and he's talked about going off the floor. BUT I like your approach, and think i will use it. I do tend to have a knee-jerk reaction of anger when old pro is brought up; it's terrible, but i do sometimes hold grudges. new pro does have a big ego, though (although he's aware of it, and can take jokes about it), so appealing to that might soften my whole 'punching you in the face' statement, lol.

and preach on the soap opera. good god.
so, my rant ended up being just that, a rant. I was quickly assured that old pro will not get any competitive students and especially not me. so that is nice. i do hold grudges (i know, it's terrible), so i am not pleased he's going to be anywhere near me, but i'm not going to lie, there was a little schadenfreude on my part upon learning why he turned tail and had to come back. Ok, i'm a terrible person. thanks all on the thread, esp @FancyFeet !


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IT red tape. Two days later and I am STILL waiting for my intern to be granted admin rights on his PC so we can install the software he needs to actually do his work. And no indication in the (new) system I had to use to request this as to how to request an ETA or set it to higher priority in the first place. Just sent an e-mail that will probably entrench me even further on the blacklist. This is so ridiculous.

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