White salsa dress for wedding wanted.

The headline says it all. I am getting married next summer and we are going to dance salsa instead of the regular wedding waltz. In that occasion I need a white classy salsa dress about knee length that isn't too revealing in size UK 12. I am quite curvy with big hips and am 5'9 tall. I have been searching the net for quite a while now, but haven't found anything that fits into what I want so I thought posting a wanted note here might help me out.

Does any of you have something that could help me out?


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Definitely not a problem asking here. I would go along with malakawa's suggestion though. FInd a dress you like, whether it's white or not, then have local seamstress make it for you in white. Think I have some links at work of ones that I cam across looking for dresses for the girls for my showcase. WIll try to look tomorrow if I remember. :)

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