Who brings out the best in you?

Are there any salseras/salseros who seem to bring out the best in you? If so, who are they?

Three ladies who definately have this effect on me are Laura Geldys (Detroit), Belle Useche and Angela Harris (both in Atlanta). I used to be sooooo nervous and self-conscious when I danced with ladies who were far more experienced than me, such as these three. (Keep in mind these are all salseras who either perform and or teach salsa) However, it's the exact opposite now. I always seek out the really good dancers because it challenges me, and not only do these wonderful ladies challenge me but they also encourage and inspire me as well. Laura was always patient w/ me and stuck with me during my nervous beginner days. I never forget the 2nd time I danced w/ her and she told me "you've gotten better since the last time we danced." I didn't show it, but I had this HUGE Kool-Aid smile on the inside, bigger than the one on my profile pic!
(A little side note.....this just goes to show that a few small, yet encouraging and kind words can go a long way with someone. Things like this can make or break somone who is on the fence of staying with salsa or giving up, so be mindful of how you treat those you dance with)

I remember I was dancing with Belle once and I messed up a few times, saying "my bad" or "I'm sorry" but all she would do was smile at me and say "Nope. I don't wanna hear it!" as if to say, don't worry, just keep dancing. That really helped me to stop being so uptight and just flow with it. And then Angela, she's a wonderful dancer but at the same time she's such a goofball!!! I can't help but smile and laugh when we dance together. I just feel free to do fun, created, and sometimes silly stuff when I dance with her. I call Angela my "Big Salsa Sister."
Are there any salseras/salseros who seem to bring out the best in you? If so, who are they?
Oh yes!There are!

Are friends that live so far!I can see them sometimes.But I come in another world when I'm dancing with them! :oops:
My bestfriend, instructor, dance partner, & mentor Steve (XtremeSalsa). He's taught me everything I know! Love ya kid! :kissme:

Mama Salsera Cynthia :kitty:

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