Who does Salsa attract?

I've meet all different personalities/professions/people with various motives, etc in salsa.
I don't think it attracts 'certain' types of people.


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SyrU_dancer said:
What irritates me is the ethnic groups/hardcore salser's often refuse to learn the other dances. Put on a cha-cha and their on the floor trying to salsa to it. Get out of the way!! please.
Really? I've found the case here to be quite the opposite. It's the very beginners who don't know it's a chacha and try to salsa to it in my experience.
Good question. I guess I fall into all 3 categories... :)

I am a professional during daytime... and now a professional during nighttime also, since I've opened my own Salsa school.

Salsa is more to me than relaxation, fun etc... it's a way of life. I know people think I am weird (if they do not share my passion or share it to a smaller extent) but ... this is who I am. If I have a choice, I would not only dance Salsa, but also listen to Salsa day and night (ok, a bit of bachata and cha cha never hurt anyone...)

About learning other dances: I know some cha cha and bachata. I wouldn't learn any dance that:
1. is not couple dancing. I would like to learn some of its techniques, but devote hours on end to dance it... :( NO WAY!
2. is not danced to the music I enjoy. One reason why I stopped learning Tango Argentino. The music was not appealing. Even though I liked the dance itself, I could not imagine myself dancing to that music... :( So...


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