Who fancies a meet and greet night in London?! :D

hmmm. maybe the travel arrangements can be up to the 'meet&greeters' themselves? i'm going there anyway. Have made arrangements already. so the only thing to arrange is: time and place :D
But maybe we can meet at the congress anyway, with the df peeps that are going there.
doesn't have to interfere with the m&g in London. Coz though de dancing is great :)D) it's not exactly London Nightlife in Bognor :wink:
Claire_Brummell said:
OK - this seems to be taking off way more than I expected!! I was expecting a couple of people already in London to meet up - but thinking about it I think a larger scale meet and greet would be a fabulous idea!!

So, rather than just making it a night (as it's a long way to come for some people just for one evening), how about we plug for a weekend of fun and salsa in London?

In order to give time for various people to arrive in London, others to get back from holidays and others to organise flights if necessary I say that we opt for September.

Currently I am suggesting September 16-17-18 (which is at present a free weekend for me - a VERY rare thing!!) We can plan to go dancing Friday, Saturday AND Sunday so that people can come to any or all of the nights as and when it suits them - it will also make it more of an event for those of you who are travelling some distance for it!!

Can I have feedback from you all as to if this is a good idea / date / if there are any other suggestions?

It'll be a weekend to remember, that's for sure!!


Claire xx

Oh - and if anyone is a member of another salsa related forum who you would like to get involved let me know the details and we'll get them involved to!! The more the merrier....
Gets the thumbs up from me flower :D

Claire_Brummell said:
During the day the Londoners among us can take the non-locals out to see the sights if you so desire...or we can simply recover for another night of partying... :D
The pub will be fine... doubt I'll be able to see anything after a few drinks anyway :lol:

Seriously though I've never been to London so it'll be a nice change :D
Right looks like we're set then. We will go for that weekend as a definate and then if people are coming from further afield then they could look at staying the week if they're interested and coming to the UK Salsa congress the following week.

I'll look into organising the different nights and find out what's on - if anyone needs help sorting out accommodation or if any other Londoners can offer accommodation for the non-locals then let me know - more details to follow soon! :D

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