Who gets asked to dance


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The colors' effect can be appreciated when other things are kept equal.

Imagine a man, dressed in black and white, standing near Hepburn. Wouldn't they look better, especially in a photo or video, if her dress were not black?

I often notice that gentleman's and lady's figures show up as one whole piece during dancing or dance video, because both are black and indistinguishable. To avoid this, who shall wear a brighter color?
Mere contrast is a lot different from saying that a woman who wears black is masculine. Although your observation that men tend to wear black in smooth/standard, that doesn't mean that black never works on a woman (and not because she looks butch in it). Anyway, that's the concern for competitions, and the topic of the thread is women getting asked to dance, i.e. at a social.


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don't I know it !! the mrs bought three pieces already!!
I saw 2 blouses online that I'm interested in. :) WHBM sent me 2 coupons, a $10 birthday coupon and a dollars off coupon, which will help out with the cost.

I'm going to rationalize whatever purchase I might make by calling it a birthday treat. ;)


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It ain't the clothes, it's what's in the clothes.
I don't agree with this. Getting back to the topic of the thread (no, I didn't forget), I get asked to dance a lot more when I'm wearing a dress or blouse with coordinating skirt, and when I put some effort into accessories as well as hair and makeup. The more care I put into the ensemble, the better the result.

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