Who Have You Danced AT With?


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Hi again folks ...

Who famous have you danced Argentine Tango with?

And who here on DF have you danced Argentine Tango with?

Feel free to share your stories and insights, too!


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i was just going to start this thread myself, but DP beat me to it.

I have danced Argentine Tango, both socially and on lessons, with:

Claudio (of Claudio & Veronica, from Argentina)
Danel & Maria
Felix Chavez
Michael Walker and Luren Belluci

As for DF'ers, I was at an AT dance with ReneeJoan, but didn't dance with her.

Hey, RJ, what happened to you? You're the only Df person I've met so far, and now you've disappeared! Come back!


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Nobody famous.
But I've been touched by known masters: Lorena, Osvaldo (to correct my posture), Fabian (I was in the way and the corridor was narrow), Chicho (I bumped into him on the dance floor)

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