Who have you met/danced with from DF?

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Has anyone had the chance to meet or dance with anyone from Dance Forums? If so, who? What was it like?

I know a couple of people personally, but I knew them before I joined DF. I know Johnny Johnson (the imfamous author of the "salsa rejection" article, johnsnjr), he's a pretty cool guy and great dancer. I also know Maya (mayanempire), one of my favorite dancers here in Atlanta. She's a very beautiful dancer and has helped me out alot w/ my dancing (back when I had problems keeping the beat). I've known both of them for about a year now.

I recently had a chance to meet Tarin (jamaicanspice) this past week. She was in town on vacation, but unfortunately due to lack of trasnportation (she was staying on the outskirts of town in the big city of Atlanta) she was not able to come out dancing. However I couldn't let her come to Atlanta without getting at least once good dance in, so I drove waaaaay out to her parents crib to hang out w/ her. We watched the '05 club mayan contest onher computer and danced a few times in the living room. We had a great time, and I learned some death-defying dips in the process (Tarin, if you're reading this, we still have to try that big swing move into that triple dip that I conjured up in my mind the other day!)

That's my few experiences w/ fellow DFers. I'm sure the rest of yall have many more than I do. I'd love to eventually meet and dance w/ yall one day, so hit me up if you ever come through Atlanta!

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Thanks yola!

RugKutta, can you please repost in the thread yola identified so that we can keep related information more cenralized *and hence more easily searchable/findable)? Thanks!
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