Who is the dominant sex in Latin dance classes?

Which is the dominant sex in Latin dance classes?

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Loafing Smuf said:
Who is the dominant sex in Latin dance classes?
I find that at Arizona State University, level 1 salsa classes almost always have more women than men, as you get higher it evens out and surprisingly to me, men start to out number the women...
Really?...I actualy just came from my first level one class today. And there was about an excess of 5 women.

I should have added an "about the same" option
A girl can just go to a club and have men dancing lining up to dance with her. Guys that can't dance simply can't do that because of the expectation that the man needs to lead the dance.

Ration highly depends on the amount of computer geeks / divorced men in the city. Dance classes are taunted as a great place to 'meet women'.
i live in a salsa-obsessed city, and consider myself a competent intermediate-level salsera.. not to mention not too terribly hard on the eyes.. but i have *never* had leaders lining up to dance with me. that just makes me spew my dinner with laughter.


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In salsa/merengue classes I've been to, we usually have more women than men, particularly at beginner levels, where it's not usual for women to outnumber men 2 to 1 (or worse). It's very, very rare to see men outnumbering women around here (I've only seen this happen three times, and everybody was surprised that it happened).


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Well this is interesting - it's overwhelmingly more women than men?

This is opposite of what I've seen. From my own experience, beginner classes have more women than men, but Intermediate/Advanced classes have more men than women. Mostly because the Intermediate/Advanced classes start catering more to Leads (and moves) rather than Follows.
As a public service to everyone, please list the cities where the women outnumber men in dance classes. Start with those with ratios of 2 to 1. :twisted:
Austin, Texas is one of those cities with too many single male computer geeks who came here for the high-tech jobs. The salsa classes are usually maybe 15-20 men and 10-15 women, sometimes worse. The clubs have slightly more men than women as well. When I took a salsera from dance-forums out dancing here, she danced with lots of guys all night, only sat down to rest. She was a great dancer, well-dressed, and very pretty. I was really surprised when she told me that even she had to sit out half the dances at her local club in South Carolina, because of the lack of males. Raluca, I still remember you saying that sometimes the salsa club in Bucharest had 2/3 women. Too bad it closed down, it sounded like Disney World for salseros like me!

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