Who is your favourite dancer?

I am a huge fan of Allison Lynn Reed. I have seen her each dancing moves. Started this thread to know your opinion.Who is your favourite dancer and why you like them?
Sylvie Guillem and Alessandra Ferri, bliss and gorgeousity <3 Love them for their legs, feet, extension, musicality... but most of all I love Alessandra's exquisite emotional range. Her Juliet still makes me cry to this day.
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If it is not limited to ballroom, my favorite dancers are Natalia Osipova , Diana Vishneva , ballet dancers
Love Osipova! Did you know she started out as a rhythmic gymnast? I believe a back injury forced her to make a career change. Unfortunate for her gymnastic dreams, but glorious for the dance world.
Laurainesnelling, I noticed that Fred Astaire was given as an answer, but my favorite entertainer in part because of her dancing is Ginger Rogers. I’m interested if people would consider Ginger and Fred’s dancing to be ballroom dancing. One of my favorite scenes of them dancing is “Too Much Mustard” from The Story of “Vernon and Irene Castle.”


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