Who knows of the circumstances?


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Does anybody know for what purpose this clip was recorded for.

Was it part of a movie, simply the overture of movie, a concert, a release party, a radio/TV broadcast?


Steve Pastor

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Filmed for inclusion in a movie...

But it could have been for something other than a "movie."

In the US there were jukebox like machines that you could put coin(in) into to see and hear a performance by musicians and/or other entertainers.
One company that was heavily invested in this was "Soundies."

Don't know if there was an equivalent in Europe or Argentina.

Here's a link for one documentary on Soundies. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1eclz_soundies-a-musical-history_music

(Narrator Michael Feinstein says thery were uniquely American. So..)

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