Who Would You Like To Dance With?


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Erminio Stefano and Gherman- have had lessons with both. Michael Neal looks like he would be very fun. Slawek for smooth and Slavik and Andre and Roman for Latin and the list goes on.......:rolleyes:
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Since we have not met the majority of those members of DF in person and since there are many wonderful dancers here this may be a tough one to answer, but just to give this a shot...

Other than those you have actually met and danced with who here on DF would you like the chance to dance with?
Maybe some creative DFers could design a label, a brooch or something similar to be used as identification of belonging, to attach to dress at dances. I suspect that I have had encounters with DFers without knowing.
I would not mind dancing with any from DF.

Would love to have a dance with Larinda (she'd have to lead of course :)) LOL actually ... I think I'd (when I could ever afford to do it) have a lesson with her. I just think she is so expressive in her dancing and would love to have some of that rub off on me. Problem is I think I would freeze up in a lesson or even a dance with her.

Josh sounds like he'd be fun to dance with too.

After meeting etp ... would love the opportunity to dance with him! :) he is just to darn cute and squeezie!

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