Why are male dancers so hard to find?

:confused:Why is it that in the world of dance, which men origanally created, that it is so hard to find a good and strong make dancer who has deticated his life to dance?:confused:


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we do have a thread on this ...if you use the search function... and I would encourage anyone who wishes to answer to find that thread and continue the discussion there...thanks


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again, unfortunate that most do not comprehend that there is nothing sexier to a woman than a man in a tailsuit (particularly one with a number pinned to the back).


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again, unfortunate that most do not comprehend that there is nothing sexier to a woman than a man in a tailsuit (particularly one with a number pinned to the back).
I have a friend who coached a dance team at a university for a while. He tells me that once guys realize that they can get a damn hard workout, without dealing with angry, sweaty, threatening behavior and the painful aspects of contact sports, while at the same time holding a girl in their arms, and she smells good and feels good, it becomes an easier sell. But it takes time for guys to figure this out. Clearly, some clever marketing needs to be done.


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This is certainly a common lament among women in the dance world. It is unfortunate that we live in a society where a general belief exists that dancing is just not suppose to be a "mans" thing.


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on thing i think you should look at are the roles that men and women have in dancing. as we all know, women follow and men lead. it takes a different mindset to do either roll. i guess what i'm trying to say is that dancing is not the same for the men as it is for the women and that should be taken into account when wondering why there aren't as many men dancers as women.

we all know how easy (relatively) it is for a good male dancer to "sweep a woman off her feet". even if the woman doesn't know how to dance. a good male dancer understands balance, power and connection well enough to lead a lady anywhere (and in any way) he would like (within reason).

where the same can not be said for the reverse. a beginning male will only be able to dance to the best that he knows and can not dance any better no matter the partner he is dancing with. thus for men dancing is always going to be an uphill challenge to improve where for women there are times of relative enjoyment where they're privy to "a wonderful dance" every now and then. that really feeds the "dance soul".


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heh, you better be careful ww. Some of the women in dance world are rabid and deseprate about finding guys, and if you even hint that they shouldn't be having a problem, you might get more than you counted on. :)


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Dancing is viewed as more of a feminine activity than a masculine activity in the eyes of many (but not all). There are stereotypes that have to be overcome and myths that have to be debunked. Once the myths are dispelled, and the man sees dancing for what it truly is as opposed to what he thinks it is, it's most likely that the male will fall in love with dancing faster than the woman (I've seen it happen).

It's just that there are misconceptions about dancing that exist and most males use those misconceptions as excuses to not come anywhere near a dance studio. Once society dispells all this b.s that surrounds it, male dancers won't be hard to find.

I myself was victim of the stereotypes and misconceptions, and I am very sorry that I chose to listen to them as opposed to opening my eyes. I learned to not have stereotypes and misconceptions after I began dancing, along with other many positive "side-effects."

It's all in how it is presented to the male, I'd argue.

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