Why C&W dance?

I no doubt got involved in country dancing because of my wife. She loves country music and country dancing. I've always hated country music, and still do, pretty much. I find it corny, unoriginal, and just plain cheesey most of the time. There are a few exceptions, but not many. The funny thing is, I love country dancing, despite the music! For the longest time, two-step was one of my favorite dances, and today, I still loving bootin' it up when I get a chance. West Coast Swing is also one of my favorites, and that usually gets lumped into the country genre. You just can't deny a good dance when the dancefloor's got room and the rhythm is right, even if the music drives you crazy!


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Quimbly said:
I find it corny, unoriginal, and just plain cheesey most of the time.
Aw man! Ya just gotta love "somebody done wrong" songs. :wink: :lol: How can you call all that genuine emotion cheesy? (Just kidding. :) )


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pygmalion said:
It's supposed to be really good. I hope so, as a tribute to the man in black. :notworth: :) Reese Witherspoon is playing June Carter Cash, right?

Yes, Reese Witherspoon.

I'll want to see it after it's released on Video.


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WEll when you guys see it let me know how much dancing is there and what you think about it, in addition to the plot etc and I can then decide whether to add it to my ever-growing list of dance-related movies to watch.

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