Why did you start dancing?

Phil Owl

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Nice to hear that most of you were inspired by PBS.
I still watch that, it's vary inspiring.

Dancing with the Stars and " So you think you can dance? " are also great shows
to help pave the way for people to try and experiment with Ballroom dancing.
For me, it was repeated exposure to Dance Fever that inspired me to take lessons back in the 80's, and I started watching the ballroom competitions on PBS after that. :D First one I watched had Ron Montez and Liz Curtis (the 1988 edition I think) doing this smoking hot Cha-Cha that just inspired me to get better :mrgreen:
When I was in university I ended up joining a ballroom dance club which was fairly popular and a couple of friends who had joined a year before also recommended it. I'm not sure what the main reason was but I was looking for a fun social activity and I wanted to take up something new and different. Among other things I had no clue how to dance, my posture was bad, I was looking for some exercise, I was the only guy in my immediate family and probably even my grandmother could out-dance me!! (ok maybe I'm exagerating but it still would have been close) Anyways like your typical guy I was too shy to consider taking up dancing before but now I had the perfect opportunity to learn in a very friendly environment.

Little by little I got more comfortable and confident and I've been dancing and loving it ever since. :)
The film 'flashdance' and the fact I kept dancing in my parent's front room ruining their carpet and flying over the couch.

I just snapped one day after a friend encouraged me to go dancing... I went to watch and the rest is history :cool:

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