Why Dieting Makes You Fat

carbs==energy, unused energy==fat.

I always eat carbs in the morning and afternoon, and never at night.

If you really want to loose weight, just stop eating carbs. seriously that is the fastest way. However, loosing weight in my opinion is not very important. (Unless you are in a pull up competition) I'd rather be 5-10 pounds heavier and strong. Also if you are physically active and don't have enough carbs, you are VERY prone to injury. I hurt myself this way, so now I always make sure to eat a lot. I eat about 3000-4000 calories, and am about 7% body fat.

Interestingly, before a competition, pro body builders don't eat any carbs to reduce their body fat. The day before they load up on carbs, both for energy and to "fill" their muscles.


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I lost over 20 lbs over the last 5 months or so and have not gained any back. Moderate loss with careful meal planning - and yes, I rely on breakfast. In fact, I have a traditional one eggs, toast, one small sausage link - but without potatoes. My secret weapon, is a pile of grilled (actually usuall fried in vegetable oil) tomatoes. These are very good for you, have virtually no calories and because they are not porous unlike potatoes they do not take up the fat. That gets me to lunch when I have a greek salad without dressing (or with oil free). If I don't eat regularly then hunger kicks in and I gorge. Yesterday I worked tthrough lunch and suddenly had a hunger pang - next thing I knew I was attacking a whole chicken leg!
Breakfast is SO important! I basically eat a small breakfast and a big lunch, which sometimes leads to craving throughout the day, especially in the morning.
carbs==energy, unused energy==fat.

Interestingly, before a competition, pro body builders don't eat any carbs to reduce their body fat. The day before they load up on carbs, both for energy and to "fill" their muscles.
I read about this - long distance runners do this too. However, I also read that 'carb load' has little impact unless you are going to do something that requires more than 1 hr work.

On the other hand, chocolate load.....
I need to chime in on this when I have more time. I went from 255 to 205 in 2002 while dancing. Now I am at 200 and the skinnies I have been since I was 14. I will write up on how soon.


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I'm dropping ten pounds after a word from one pro (well, he said I'd need to lose ten pounds to wear a particular dress but I'm interpreting that I need to lose about fifteen.) On the 'lots of vegetables, lots of fiber, low-fat dairy, stationary bike, crunches, and try to stay away from the milk of magnesia this time" plan. (I have issues.) I've been feeling flabby anyway and looking at the video of my Rhythm I'm not pleased.
Seven years ago I went from 165 to 135 in 3 weeks. I just ate cereal, vegetable, and fruit with milk and walked an hour every day. After that I started going to the gym to gain muscle, now I weigh 160...
This is so true. I would tell people about how starving will just make it worst. It's funny because I read a study one time talking about how they ran a study that had a group of people eat whatever they usually ate not worrying about dieting for a couple of months. Then they told them that they had o diet (not sure of of the details with the exact diet and what not because I read it so long ago) and they found that the people ended up weighing more after their diet and were more depressed and prone to anxiety than when they were eating normal. I tried dieting to get rid of a problem area in my tummy and I ended gaining weight from dieting. Imagine that! Lol.

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