Why is it so inexpensive?


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Very interesting. I was out looking for C&W topics today and ran across a couple observations. There's an organization out there, CWDI (I think) whose stated purpose is to keep the cost of C&W competition down (among other things.) Also, I looked at the ign-ups from a couple C&W comps. Um. Here's a question. How come it's so cheap? Yes, I do allroom, so my perspective may be a little weird. But, to me, C&W comps look very inexpensive.

How come? How do organizaers keep the costs down?
I think some things are a matter of practical realities: cost of judges and officials, availability of volunteers to offset paid staff, volume of participation and spectator tickets.

But a lot of what determines the expense of a competition is just the style of event it is. A competition primarily designed around premium all inclusive packages is still likley to be expensive even for those cutting it to the minimum - even basic things cost more in a luxury setting. Wheras one in more utilitarian settings may be cheaper at all levels of participation.

Still, there is some flexibility for an organizer to shift costs around... one local NDCA (ballroom) comp is now offering fairly competitive pricing for its amateur events despite beying in an expensive setting.

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I attend both the UCWDC and CWDI events, and although both are very good events, the diffrence between the tow is like night and day.

The UCWDC is a much larger and very high caliber event: more things going on; 10 times or more competitors; high use of extravagant decorations; hospitality rooms; parties; shows; several dance floors; free beer and pizza/chips on one night; cold ice cream served late at night; jello shooters; "gong shows," skits; more Pros attend with students and/or compete against other Pros; many more retailers; and on and on and on.

The CWDI, though just as tough competition-wise, is much smaller and lower-level (not a derogatory statement) - maybe a few hundred attendees and only a few competitors; usually only one dance floor - unless it's at I.C.E. (yearly championship event); little to no decorations; no free food or drinks; fewer Pros; no parties, skits, or shows; etc., etc., etc. Great venue to get your feet wet. Those who attend are true C&W lovers.

I love C&W events . . . I love the newer music, as well as some of the older danceable stuff . . . I love the clothes - wearing tight Wranglers as much as I love wearing baggy swing clothes . . . the people involved are usually not as cut-throat . . . and I love the Two Step.

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