why it may NOT be good to date a fellow dancer


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but dwise...most people have had some sort of harsh critic ...parent or spouse or whatever, whose toxicity they have had to overcome....you have the power to stop that right now...right now...sometimes parents fail to love with no rational reason...sometimes spouses fail to love with no rational reason...if you choose to say you cannot get past it without knowing why it happened, you must accept that you chose that, not that it is objectively impossible...you can blame her for things that happened in your past but that blame is wrongly placed for things in your present...and as for her past reasons...I only remind you that in my distant opinion it probably had much more to do with completely removing herself from a space that was too horrifically painfully reminiscent of all that was lost...just b/c something isn't fair doesn't mean it isn't understandable or forgivable...but I leave that to your judgement...I am only a distant bystander with a bit of training


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dancers are mostly self loving paranoid immature misfits... who wants to date that?.. but one night stands are ok..
But who else understands a self-loving paranoid immature misfit like another SLPIM? Not that I'm downplaying the benefits of a one-night stand, I'm just sayin'.

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