Why my Dance School is the best

Having cruised about in the forums I noticed a few threads discussing certain types of schools and their not so nice ways. So I wanted to know what people liked about the school they are currently attending and what is it you look for, or attracted to, in a school.
Where I am presently learning ballroom I would say these positives about it -

The instructors are professional and friendly
The students are friendly
They are not expensive
The school encourages social events (not just ones in which they profit monetarily)
The dance floor is a good size
The studio is clean and inviting
There are quite a number of styles to choose from
They have a big plasma screen with dance videos of different styles playing that sometimes I just want to sit and watch them after class.
They encourage practicing after the end of lessons and don't charge for the privilege (depends on how busy it is)

I always look for friendliness and professionalism when looking for a dance school.
That sounds like a very nice situation you're in!
I was once taking salsa lessons at a dingy little place used for hip-hop dance, couldn't comfortably hold more than 4 couples, and the floor was so dirty I had to wire-brush my soles after every lesson to get the hair and crud off!!! The studio I rent out now is old, yet clean and spacious. The main studio next door, however, allows smoking and I sometimes gag when I go in there to get water and the men are puffing away! :x


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A very good idea JW!! :D We so often concentrate on negative aspects of dancing it's good to see people advocating a look at the positive side.

I like my current salsa instructor as he emphasizes that he is only giving us the tools for dance and that we must make the moves our own, and develop our own style. He never claims that he is teaching us how to dance. The place I learn is well -lit and usually has a good crowd for latin night after the classes so it is good reinforcement and works out well. There is no smoking allowed in public spaces such as clubs so I don't have to gag on smoke, as cocodrilo does. :)


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I love my studio!

The floor is really spacious, with full mirrors on three sides. They not only encourage but have a "mandatory" practice session after each of the large group classes. All new teachers must train and certify with the ISTD before they begin teaching classes unsupervised, and all of the teachers, regardless of their current certification, recieve ongoing training from top coaches and are expected to take more of their professional exams every time we do medal testing in the studio. This ensures that we the students are always recieving correct, quality instruction and that the owners really care about the quality of the teaching here. The students that go there are really friendly - it's really like a huge big family atmosphere - and they're so very welcoming to new people. There are open social dances every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, as well as a monthly semi-formal party. I could go on and on, but these are just a few reasons "why my dance school is the best." :)!
I love my studio as well.

Though for me it is not so much about the facilities, but the people. Our studio is pretty basic with a reception area, large floor, small waiting area and a couple of offices (students jokingly refer to them as the extraction rooms where they "extract" money out of you!).

The people are fabulous, though. The instructors are all very friendly, but also conscious of the fact that you are paying them to teach you to dance, not stand around talking all the time. The other students are all very friendly and we all help each other. It's like my home away from home.

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