Why no shank in competition Evenin Stars??

I agree that country should remain country looking. How does one describe what country should look like? I disagree with the women wearing ballrrom dresses, whats up with that? Especially with cowboy boots. It makes no sense to wear a ballroom style dress unless that is the style you are trying to portray. Even the makeup is starting to get more latin and ballroom rather than a country look. I have to agree with Chris though in that good dancing means using your body properly, and if that means using your standing leg and posture in a way to enhance your balance and motion that does not mean that it is ballroom, just good use of the body to dance. Pot-bellied "Masters", for which for many I use the term loosely, falling into moves, collapsing their bodies, bent over, looking at the floor and / or dancing with weak arms and frames that are next to useless to their partner should not be what is considered country dancing, thats just poor dancing regardless of the style. Where is the masculine man with a strong frame and arms to dance with and support his partner.

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