Why on EARTH did this dress sell so high on e-bay?

I love fringe dresses, and that color looks great on me! And since I do know how to patch things up, it would be easy for me to fix the dress. But it's a bit to plain for me though. I like fringe, but I would want something else to go with it. I could probably do that myself, but I don't know. If it doesn't shout my name then I'm not buying it.
I thought there were rhinestones underneath the fringe, so it should sparkle (otherwise where those 45+ gross of stones are hiding?). But anyway, someone already bought it.


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it's also a fairly popular color and lots of folks like fringe and it it a simple flattering cut....plus, given the cost of a new latin from a top designer, we could still be talking about a third of the original cost...and lots of outfits are not purchased based upon logic

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