Why partner only?

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Hiya Ld,

Sorry . . . yes, this forum is for those partner-based dances . . . that's the way it was set up. It would take more staff and more space and bigger servers to cover all the line dances and the individuals who ask about line dances. Besides, there are many other forums out there that DO cover linedancing.

I can linedance as well, and have competed in in it . . . yet if we were to open it up to line dancing, we'd have to open it up to all other non-partnered type of dancing . . . but . . . the "Chicken Dance," the "Electric Slide," and other questions (re: linedancing) have appeared here . . .

There is always room for a line dance question every now and then, as long as it doesn't get out of hand (I'd put a halt to it if it did), and who knows . . . as the Dance-Forums grow . . . we could add linedancing down the road! I doubt it, but who knows what tomorrow brings . . .????????
Welcome LD! I've learned that my strength is partner-dancing. I can only step on one set of feet at a time, vs stepping on many feet line dancing :eek:) I only tried line dancing once very early on in my dancing life, and I felt like a pinball, always going the wrong way at risk of bumping into others. I grew up in Longwood, FL. I was wondering where there is to dance in the Kissimmee/Disney area. Do the country bars there do a mixture of line dances and partner dances? Or mainly line dances?
The bars usually only do line dances. I have seen them do the Two-Step occasionally. There are quite a few places to go in this area. The best places are Dance Orlando near Sanford and Jesse Black's in south Orlando.
dancingdoc said:
I grew up in Longwood, FL. I was wondering where there is to dance in the Kissimmee/Disney area.
Doc... I know you're talking about line dance and country dance.. but do give some consideration to contra dancing. The Orlando Contra Dance Club dances the last Saturday of each month in Casselberry. ( I guess I haven't posted enough to be able to put in the URL but a search should get you there. ) Tampa has contra dances twice a month.

Vince A

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Jes makin' sure . . . coz I get emails from members asking where they can put questions regarding line dancing . . . and I always reply telling them "where they can put it."


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Hmm. I haven't been over there in a long time. :oops: Gotta check it out, I guess. :)

And, as an aside ... What the hell do you know, anyway, Vince? :rolleyes: :wink: *giggle*
Definatley, come and visit! The site is moving kinda slow, but we have some very committed members who post frequently and get the coversation rolling.

The posts on line dance are few and far between, thus my thought for adding an actual line dance section to the forum. Perhaps it could spark more forum interest.


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Linedancer said:
Is this thread really only for those who dance with partners? What about people who line dance?
Hi linedancer. You still around? What gives in Kissimmee, these days? I haven't been there in over a year, so I'm kinda clueless and out of the loop. But I used to live just north of the Orange/Osceloa County line just off OBT/Main, so I'm pretty familiar with what used to happen there. :cool:

What's up, these days?
HI! Well actually I hate Kissimmee and can't wait to leave. It's getting so crowded. Not much linedancing there, most of it is in Orlando. Anything in particular that you want to know about?

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