Why so few middle aged Lindy/Balboa dancers?


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blue said:
I suppose the tango community has been around for some time, samt thing for salsa. What about the East- and West coaste swing, did they emerge before the lindy revival?
Long before. StreetSwing's historical archives place their origins in the 40's and 50's (http://www.streetswing.com/histmain/z3ecs1.htm and http://www.streetswing.com/histmain/z3wcs1.htm). As for the waxing and waning of popularity, I'm not up on that aspect, being somewhat of a new-comer myself. Seems to me that the 80's might have been a boom time for WCS.

blue said:
I suppose part of this ""whatever tempo you can dance I can dance faster.."-mentality, that Doug described, is part of being young... Probably this will decrease as the lindy poopulation gets older - unless the aging lindyhoppers leave for other dances and we don't really believe that. Do we? ;)
Not leave, but maybe visit. Somebody -- on this forum, I think -- once commented that we dance Lindy in order to feel like a kid again, but then return to WCS to be adults again.

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