Why the condescending attitude towards franchised studios?

I was looking back at some old threads regarding franchised dance studios. There seems to be some snobbery amongst some dancers that these studios are like a little pond or even a cult that exists outside the realm of mainstream dancing or whatever that is. And that it's format is too predictable and it's not a place for "real" dancers.

A little background of myself. I'm an introvert. Very shy. Always have been. But interested in the arts and I got interested in dance quite late in life. I had no dance background and started from scratch. I am now a regular at a franchised studio. The owners run it very professionally. They're super supportive and attentive to the students. The instructors work hard and are sincere.

I feel the insulting attitude is less towards these kinds of studios and more towards the people who go to them. Yeah, a lot happen to be people like myself who are shy and who never danced before and need a supportive and predictable environment in which to grow. And it is possible someday that I will know enough and feel confident enough about dance to venture out in to the "real world" and be able to go any social dance. But I'm not ready yet. Also, the kinds of dance that I enjoy doing, there's not a lot of social dance communities for them in my city. I like waltz and tango and there's no real social dance community built around those dances. Most involve salsa, bachata and latin dance which although I enjoy, I'm not a huge fan of. Yes I do spend a lot of money here but I always have fun and the treatment is always of good quality instruction and service every time. It's like going to your favorite restaurant and being served your favorite meal(s) by your preferred waiter. Or going to your favorite store. The list goes on.

This condescending attitude reminds me of nerds debating iphone vs. Android. Yeah, so the technology geeks prefer android cause it's cheap and customizable even though there's so many problems. Well for me, I prefer something to just work end to end even if I have to pay a higher price. I feel like the dance afficiniados on this forum are the equivalent of those tech geeks who hate Apple. Maybe well-run, franchised studios run by quality professionals are the Apple of the dance world. I don't know.

I enjoy having a predictable, professional and fun environment. Also, although I don't know much about dance, what I'm learning seems pretty darn challenging for it to be just some dance cult in its own little pond. First off, it's technical and challenging and when you do it right, it looks great, even for a body type such as mine. Form and technique are heavily emphasized and that's not something I've seen in the social dance community where most people are dancing pretty much hunchbacked the whole time.

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