Why you really can't compare DwtS with SYTYCD


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Found a funny little rant on my friend's dance blog about her preference for SYTYCD over DwtS. Link to that is here:


In the comments to that post, I found a link to another dance blog which explains the title of this post. I'll post the relevant part below this after the link to it:


Maria at A Time to Dance has a rather funny little list of why she so strongly prefers SYTYCD to DWTS. I don’t think the two shows are comparable though. I think the latter is about turning normal people (well, not normal or they’d be complete nobodies like me — they have to be celebrities on some level to draw an audience — but people who are not natural-born dancers) into the best ballroom dancers they can be. The former is about people who already have talent in a certain dance form honing that ability and learning to be versatile and to work well with partners and choreographers. Okay, at least theoretically, and IMO anyway. I like the former show because the dancers are often so amazing (especially this last season
); I like the latter because I can often relate to the challenges faced by the amateurs. Learning to dance as an adult is damn hard!

My biggest problem with DWTS is that it seems that the pro dancers aren’t given enough due for their very difficult work, a thought shared by at least one professional dance critic as well. After Pasha was booted from SYTYCD, one of his fans on his Television Without Pity thread, suggested maybe he could be on DWTS so that his fans wouldn’t miss him too much. I think it’s actually a sweet idea. Pasha’s a great teacher, and, if an already famous dancer is on the show, perhaps it’ll create more appreciation for the pros.

Anyway, hopefully it’ll be a decent season. We’ll see…


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Pasha's fans could also come to a dancesport competition and cheer for him live and in person there! With Anna, too :) I just think it's funny that little to no mention is ever made of the fact that these people have lives outside of the shows they are on, and that people can go watch them dance in other venues. Like, a number of the people who are lyrical/modern/jazz dancers on SYTYCD tour the country teaching and performing at dance workshops. Blake and Nik are apparantly stars of this circuit...like the ballroom dancers on the show, they didn't just come out of nowhere!

(As far as TWoP goes, it's against policy there to post info about things not related to the show, so it's not like someone could get on a thread there and say "you can go see Anna Trebunskaya here, and Hok perform there" and so on. Or at least it used to be that way, when I was still posting there. Has that changed?)

Anyway, I agree that the two shows are different and can't really be compared. I thoroughly enjoy both of them, so I'd hate to ever see them try to go head to head in a ratings war (it would just be completely stupid). Looking forward to the next seasons of both shows!
I enjoy both shows but I have more fun watching DWTS. Seeing dancers who are already great learn a few new routines just doesn't give me as much pleasure as seeing a total newbie achieve greatness. Yes, SYTYCD has much higher quality dancing, of course. But DWTS shows you greater success stories.

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