WIDE feet!!! and ballroom shoes

Hello there I am currently looking around for some ballroom dance shoes as I am starting a job at a local dance studio very soon. because of my height 6'1", I tend to have the feet to go with it, size 11.5 or 12 D width. I don't mind a heel or pump on my shoe in fact I rather appreciate a heel but I seem to be hitting dead ends all over the place. If you have any ideas as to where I might find shoes to fit these HUGE lady feet of mine please please please let me know. Would be greatly appreciated I am starting to get really frustrated and feeling really freakish now.

Hoping somebody can help me out here.



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Ok so I have been reading some of the shoes threads and haven't seen anyone with as "wide" of a problem as I have....

The only major brand of ballroom shoes that I have found selling in WIDE widths is Capezio...and well the wide width was still too narrow for me. I'm specifically talking about the Latina 3". When I put them on I could hear & feel the bones cracking on in my footbed because they were so squished by the narrow front of the shoe.

And no I'm not fat, I'm 5'3 and 105 lbs. I wear size 4.5 so its hard enough finding shoes that come in 4.5 WIDE....and Capezio was all I could find. I measured the width of my footbed at its widest point- its 3.5"...what are your guys'?

Anyone else have this problem?


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Are those dancesport-international.com shoes actually WIDE?? Since the wide Capezio shoes were narrow as hell I am skeptical about ordering these "wide widths." I also actually prefer to order from websites in the US that have reasonable return policies. Thanks for the suggestion though.


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Good luck. I am going to have to try special-ordering wide width shoes once this Latin pair wears out, as I have very odd feet (D ball, A heel) and right now, after about an hour of wearing my current pair, I'm in agony. I've actually come close to keeling over in group class because my feet hurt so much after two hours. And I need to go down a half-size--they're still too long and too loose in the heel. But if I did that I couldn't even get my feet into the front of the shoe. I've been told Supadance makes the style I wear in a wide width, but it's a special order.

Oddly this has not been a problem with my International-brand Smooth shoes. Those fit and broke in quickly.

If you find a brand (besides Capezio, which felt awful when I tried them on--not comfortable or well-made, or even particularly good-looking) that actually fits a wide foot, please share the info! My skates may have cost a lot more than the average pair of dance shoes (by a factor of six or so) but at least they're custom split-widths!


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Welcome to DF poopy. If you are talking about latin sandals, international shoes can be ordered in Wide and Extra Wide (and they may even have extra extra wide if I remember right).
Ok so I have been reading some of the shoes threads and haven't seen anyone with as "wide" of a problem as I have....

The only major brand of ballroom shoes that I have found selling in WIDE widths is Capezio...and well the wide width was still too narrow for me.
This is because Capezio shoes run very narrow, i.e., a Capezio "wide" is actually a narrow-ish medium. I know because I bought a pair for practice shoes and I had to go up an entire size and width. I'm normally a 9 mediium but my Capezios are 10 wide.
Thanks, exactly where (what websites?) can I find these "Extra wide" shoes? I did a google search for the International brand and all the websites selling this brand only carry Medium width. Where do you guys buy yours


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It isn't that difficult to peel apart the sole and nudge out the part surrounding the ball of your foot a bit, and then glue it back together. It's scary if you've never dissected a pair of dance shoes, but if you have a crappy old pair lying around, give it a go. I have a wide foot too, so either have to buy the kind of shoes with adjustable buckles (which always break at the most inopportune moments) or buy wide width. And you're right - each brand has its own definition of "wide" :rolleyes:.


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poopy, I order from this website:

http: //www.dancesport.uk.com/shoes/index.htm (paste into browser line and then delete space after colon)

There are three pages of international latin shoes (look to left of page)

Some of the shoe styles are wider in the forefoot than others (i.e. I found the Melissa's to run narrower than some of the other styles). So the best thing to do is find a vendor that sells the shoes, try on a bunch of different styles and find the one that accomodates your foot best and then order the wides, extra wides or the XX wides if needed from the website (check the individual models in the pull down box for width to see if XX wide is available - I think XX wide is a special order).

I will caution you, the wider pairs sometimes take longer to arrive and I don't know how flexible the return policy is (the company's in England!). I just try to be extra careful that what I order I won't have to send back!!


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p.s. and I think International also has a reputation of running somewhat narrow (maybe that's why they've got three wide sizes?). Ooooh, and do NOTE the sizes are ordered in English sizes!!! Another reason to try them on with a vendor here first!
Thanks!! I wish they had a guide on how to measure Extra W vs. Extra Extra W. They don't have a measurement thing on it, only a short explanation that doesn't make sense.


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poopy, since you are in LA you may have a chance to try on International, Supadance, and Dance Naturals at big ballroom dance competitions. Shoe vendors usually come to those events and you can try on different types and widths there. I think the next big comp in the area is probably Embassy in early Sept? Anybody know of one sooner? Or perhaps a store that stocks the big brands in the area?
Good idea! I'll have to attend the next convention. I found some Supadance wide...now I'm confused. Some websites say to subtract 2.5 from your American size while others say 2. What do you guys think for Supadance?

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