Will It Be Back?

Saw Fame...it was good.

Didn't see Dance Fever, but I hope it was better (than Fame). Waiting for the taped versions from my mom (I don't have cable...God bless my mother for taping everything for me!!! Kisses to mom!!!) If it DOES come back for a second season, can someone PLEASE notify me so I can beg my mom to tape again. THANKS!

Any know how the Wade Robson Project on MTV is going? My mom's taping that as well.


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Saw Fame the "Musical" in London earlier this year. I went to a 5.30pm showing instead of 7/7.30 one. :roll: It was good. It was also very interesting looking at the audience which comprised of maybe 70% girls between the ages of 9 and 14? One of the male dancers had a 12 pack stomach :shock: and the girls in the audience would gasp everytime he had to remove his shirt :lol: . This version incorporated some 'current events' which suggested that the director was attempting to keep it relevant. It even had some minor flamenco and some footwork that I would safely bet was salsa inspired :wink:

Oh, there were a couple of girls, late teens (?) with amazing voices :shock:
Phil Owl said:
Wonder if anyone knows if ABC Family's version of Dance Fever will return or are they writing it off as a loss?
I don't know, but I sure hope so! I watched every episode last year, and thought it was great. I got all excited the other day thinking I had found a website that advertised it for this year, but it turns out it was an old site from last year. :x So I guess I just keep my fingers crossed that it comes on again sometime...


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I just googled and found the same thing you did, LindyQuest. Only references to last year's edition. I guess we'll have to keep hoping (or start a letter writing campaign LOL)

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