Will women think less of me (as a lead) if they see me dancing with men?

In my effort to understand better follow's side of the dance. I could dance with men at a club.

I am worried that this will reduce my chances of getting a dance, if women see me dancing with men.

Will it though?


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Perhaps a more relevant question: Do you want to dance with women that think that way?

Heads-up that unless you are at a gay/open club where the gender rules are somewhat relaxed, you may not find a man that wants to lead you in a club setting. If you want to learn to follow, you might be better placed to do that in a studio. And even there, expect to find some men that refuse. (And remember, some ladies lead quite well... just sayin')


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If you are wanting to follow just to experience the follower's side of things, do it somewhere where there are not a lot of people watching. This will avoid any problems with whatever various people think (reactions will vary, depending on the situation, the crowd, and the individual people as mentioned above). But even more importantly, it will give you a chance to concentrate on really trying to follow. If you've not done it before, it's a role that actually takes a lot of work and concentration. So give yourself the space to experience it.

Your practice partner might be a good candidate for you to try this with - she can experience trying to lead, and you can experience trying to follow. Unless you've both had previous experiences in the opposite role, don't expect it to go particularly well at first. Just try to be open to learning.

But, based on your previous posts, you really don't need to be a follower to understand followers better. Try just talking to them, asking them what they like, and don't like, and listening to the answers. The answers will vary but you will probably find some common themes.

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