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2007 Banfi Rosso di Montalcino DOC. It's no Brunello, but it's much closer to one than I expected for the relative bargain price I paid.


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I'm really hapy with it. a nd was darn easy to make, as actually made with blackberry jam, not straight fruit, so didn't have to do all the extra work normally done with raw fruit. Also darn cheap, and no seeds to deal with. :)
Alexander Valley

Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon from 2007 awaits!

How I love the Alexander Valley of the Wine Country of Northern California!

from http:/ /1.bp.blogspo t. com /_zr8FegbMu2E/RzvVUPi_1aI/AAAAAAAAAA8/sp04euKns6g/S660/ Alexander+Valley+Chalk+Hill+Rd+005.JPG


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I'm told Copper Ridge is made by Gallo for restaurants which serve it as their house whatever. It's a screwtop but it's quite good IMO. Have to figure out where to get it retail.


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I remember reading (or was it hearing on NPR?) a blurb about screw-top wines. Screw tops, according to this blurb, actually preserve wines as well as or better than corks, in a lot of cases. But wine makers keep using corks because of tradition and the tacky image that screw tops have. In a lot of people's minds, screwtop = cheap wine. Doesn't have to be so, but there's' a lot of re-education required, to get people to think differently about screwtops. until then, corks it is.

I'll see if I can remember where I saw/heard that. It's been a while. Hmm.


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there was also a time in the not too distant past, when, for whatever reason, the supply of available cork was greatly compromised and lots of folks switched over to screw top or synthetic cork as a result...


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I recently had a bottle of Little Penguin merlot (2007, I think). Big and fruity, if you like that sort of wine (I do).


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I think a lot of Australian wines have screw tops...the only ones I've seen with corks are sparkling/champagne.

On a side note, I've recently discovered a strawberry champagne that tastes absolutely amazing.


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You are all going to realise just how much wine I drink as I participate in this thread...

Last Friday, I attempted red wine again. Still no luck. Tastes gross.

BUT I just bought an organic chardonnay...first $10> bottle of wine I've ever bought, lol. Going to try it tonight.

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