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Congrats DM!!!! I'm sure no one but you and your wife noticed any mistakes. I swear, I can make ten mistakes, and a non-dancer won't catch 9 of them!

Curious to know about the flip in swing. How do you do it? And which one of you does it? I can actually still do handsprings and mild gymnastics (although my split is a-goner) and was wondering if I could work something into a routine.
DanceMentor said:
Hi everybody. Thanks for the kind thoughts. Everything went great. We were the opening act. We did the Tango with that song from Shall We Dance by Gotan Project. It went close to perfect. Then we did a swing to that Bette Midler song Stuff Like That There. There were a few minor mistakes, but I doubt anyone noticed. We pulled both of our acobatic moves well (an assisted jump and a flip). I think no routine ever goes completely perfect, but that is part of the challenge. It was a lot of fun, and for a good cause too. :D
I just saw this. I'm late but Congrats, DM. :cheers: :D

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