With or without sound?


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Inspired by being unable to hear the sound for Sabor's dancing clip :lol: (technical issues from this side rather than to do with the clip itself :|)

Question: For something like this, do you prefer sound ie hearing the music or do you prefer without sound?

Personally, I think I got more out of watching the clip because I was able to 'single task' (rather than multi-task :wink: ) and see what Sabor and his partner were/were not doing - ie living/being the music. If I could have heard the music, my attention would not have been fully on his movements. :? So, no sound, in the still of the night, it was a small experience of what a deaf person may have experienced. Therefore, their movements had to convey the music/joy to my eyes. I guess having heard lots of salsa may have helped so some of the hip action made sense :wink: as I already had the building blocks for the music.

Does any of this make sense, to anyone? Should I start the thread over :twisted: or should I just take an aspirin and go and lie down :? :( :lol:
Nonono, that makes perfect sense! I prefer dance clips WITH sound so I have the option to mute it and thus catch the overlooked extras, but can also see how things go with the music (or a particular song).
As far as watching someone else, I can understand not hearing the music to an extent and even for test purposes. But for me and when I'm "in the moment", I MUST have the music. That's where my dancing comes from. :)


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Thanks Diavo. I was getting worried for a moment.

So Peach, how about just dancing to the sound of your heartbeats (or I guess that also counts as sound/music :lol: )

:shock: oh, oh, oh! I just remembered something. In Tocororo (the Carlos Acosta production), his nephew, who plays the young character, dances a sequence (about 2-3 mins?) without music. There was just the stillness of the theatre (and the odd cough or sneeze) but it was beautiful to watch. Later on, the adult character (Carlos Acosta) returns to his home, finds his father has passed away, and his new found love repeats/reprises the sequence performed by the nephew. I think that might have been to music so the sensations/emotions were slightly different as more senses were being engaged. :D

I guess I had already experienced dance without sound and not quite realised why/appreciated why I liked it. :D

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