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Got it about 5 years ago... DVD, if an option at that time, was not an option within my budget. I will happily, however, create a "contributions from youngsta for a new DVD player/DVD playing laptop fund." Feel free to PM or e-mail me for an address where you can send what will, I am sure, be your generous donation... :tongue:


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SD's got jokes. Actually I have a DVD player just sitting around gathering dust, you want? Think of it as a contribution to needy students! :lol:


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Wow. Thanks youngsta! :D

And not only will I then have a DVD player, I'll have Non-DVD-Teasing-Armor as well... :D :D :D

I'll PM you my address...

Again, *wow*...and THANKS :!:


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Yes. Props to youngsta. A really nice guy. A beautiful person.

But then, I've met a lot of nice guys (and gals) on this forum in the past three-and-a-half weeks!

I think you all are truly wonderful people. Thank you for everything. :D

You've only been in the Forum for three and a half weeks!!!! :shock: I would have guess you were a long-time veteran...AND you're a part of the royal family.

Props to you for your dedication to the forum...and to your fingers for the fancy typework! :p
posting junkie

Hehe i really have to apologize i always start these posts then something happens. ok note to self...NO MORE BREAKS FROM THE COMPUTER. ok now im good :lol: See my computers downstairs, and I was sick from food poisoning *shudders* and I didnt even have enough energy to get down here. lol i would have if i could have though. I had so many posts to read!!!!! it was great!
P.S. im not complaining thoroughly b/c i had great catering during my ill period!
it was from chicken isnt that the worst? ... Thanks though now im 100% again.

BTW I like your real name. Your in the club, with me...the club our parents joined..... It's called the 'Your Child Will Have to Use Their Last Initial With Their First Name For The Rest Of Their Lives' Club. :lol:

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