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Yup. Dontcha hate it when you go to the mall and someone calls out ,"Hey Jen!" Nine hundred heads turn. Jen's everywhere. Fortunately, Jen's are very nice people. :D
Very true. Its like we're part of a very good natured cult. :lol:
Plus, it makes us more patient because of those head turning mall incedences. But sometimes now i find I ignore it, cuz its never me and it ends up being me when i do that. hehe oh well eh. Damn. i have to stop writing 'eh' im making myself out to be the obvious canadian. :D
Oh well this is a very accepting board :wink:


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Don't sweat it. Some of the nicest people I know are Canadians. :D

Did you by any chance catch the episode of that radio show, "This American Life" on NPR? Probably not, cause it's an American show. Too funny. It was about how many so-called American icons are actually Canadian. All told from a funny, weird-ish, they're taking over kind of slant. Canadians are, eh, everywhere. :lol: :lol:
Its so true...the greatest thing was when we had guests at my house from texas. We were all in awe of eachother...the awe was that we were alike, and we had fun making fun of the stereotypes. Im planning to go visit them is houston and do my *ahem* patrick swayze tour....his old house, where his mom taught dancing etc. all that fun stuff.


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Cool! So you get to see where the great man lives ... or lived ... or whatever. At least you get to see some P. Swayze-related stuff. Enjoy!

I did watch Ghost again last night/this morning. Uggh! I can never watch the part where the window shatters and pierces the bad guy/best friend. Way too graphic! Yuck!
JenSwayze said:
it was from chicken isnt that the worst? ... Thanks though now im 100% again.
JenSwayze - Glad to know your feeling better. Best wishes would have been sent along sooner...but I've been offline for a day and a half getting acquainted with the new kitty addittion to our family...but alas, I digress from Forum topic...my apologies.

pygmalion said:
Fortunately, Jen's are very nice people.
I would definately have to agree...based on the wonderful Jen's on this board and my best friend Jeni who unfortunately passed away several years ago. Jens...and the like are always the best!

pygmalion said:
Uggh! I can never watch the part where the window shatters and pierces the bad guy/best friend. Way too graphic! Yuck!
Ditto...and double yuck!
yeah thats definately the grossest part...i love the pottery love scene though and 'unchained melody' playing in the background. such a beautiful movie


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Yeah. That happened to me too. Some spoiled grapefruit juice, believe it or not. And I still don't drink it, five years later. I thought the food poisoning was going to kill me! Ugghh!

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