Womens' spinning

I noticed the way that I like when women spin. I see two distinct types. There are those who spin exactly within the beat and then have a slight pause after each rotation. The whip of their head as they spot is also very pronounced. Then, there are others, who seem to simply flow and flow through their spins, even though they spot, there is no break in fluidity (Magna). Is this defined by the different instruction or simply by the level of spinability?
For me, anyways, it's got to do with the level of acheivement. I have to stop briefly to wind up again, or regain balance or spot or whatever. Spinning for me is one spin, and then another, not a consistent gyroscopic motion I can maintain indefinitely. I'm hoping I can get there.
the difference is simply stylistic. watch clips of luz of piel canela/atl, very precise defined spins

also I started a thread about these different spotting techniques a while back...

I find the continous spin style easier, faster with more potential for looking sloppy. The other style requires some control, demonstrates mastery (gets more notice ;)), looks sharp but is slower
Some people teach doing continuous pivot turns and others teach doing spiral turns. Pivot turns have continuous movement and spiral turns have the hesitation as the person steps forward between each rotation. We do mostly pivot turns, particularily if we are doing mutiple turns. In Tango we only do spiral type turns, but never do more than 1 turn at a time. We had one teacher who insisted that all turns be spiral turns. We had one lesoon with him and requested a change of teachers.
thespina13 said:
Isn't that interesting. I'm doing spiral turns. I'm demonstrating control. How about that. *tee hee!!* ;)
lol no the style I'm referring to is more commonly done inthe east coast by only a small set of dance schools, very distinct style, so i doubt thats what your doing. btw Ive seen Magna do both styles, but check that clip of luz for reference. very very sharp

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