Woohoo! PLX!!!

Yes, it's the rose city's Lindy Exchange this weekend! I'll be there Saturday, can I expect to see any other DFers at the phenomenally bouncy Crystal 3/4/06? Take a gander at the local-roll-call below, and you might see why I think some of them must surely be on DF!

1 Alberta
1 Arizona
24 British Columbia
37 California
12 Colorado
7 Florida
1 Hawaii
3 Idaho
1 Illinois
3 Massachusetts
2 Michigan
1 Missouri
1 North Carolina
1 New Jersey
4 New Mexico
1 Nevada
4 Ontario
143 Oregon
1 Pennsylvania
2 Tennessee
5 Texas
1 Virginia
67 Washington
2 Switzerland *Go International!*

Go to www.portlandlx.com for more info (like where the heck Portland is).
Well, it turns out I'm not going to make it. I got hooked up with a show that's the following weekend and must stick around for rehearsals. Have fun though IW!

I was there, was good. :) You guys missed out. And if you were only there for Saturday I hope you hit the dance at Pioneer Square (I didn't see you at all, woe is me!)



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No, we missed out all around.

I had to work except for Saturday night, and when It's Wonderful got sick, I couldn't justify the 6 hour drive time for myself. (sigh....)
Two years from now, it's another story.:)

I'm glad to hear it was such a fun event. And boy, what weather for dancing in Pioneer Square before the big freeze/snowfall! The planners really lucked out.

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