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I'm usually really good about working out and have been for some time. It helps my dancing and I know it is really good for me physically and mentally. Not long ago I was switching up one of my workouts because the old one had become stagnant. Right about the same time I got sick (flu/cold) and kept me from working out for about a week. The problem is that I wasn't into a routine with my new workout when I stopped it and now I'm having trouble getting back on the horse, I'm skipping days, cutting the number of sets I'm doing, allow myself to talk myself out of working out. I'm still hanging on but I know it won't take much to break me of working out which I really don't want to do. I was looking for some motivation ideas until I can get myself back into the habit with my new workout. Anyone have any ideas how to get motivated for 2-4 weeks?


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Working out is just so I get bored by the repetition. Maybe plan out a week where do something completely different each time you work out, maybe including something you've never tried before on some of the days?
I go to the gym 4 to 5 days a week and am doing intensive dancing each day at college so i know what you mean about being motivated. I generally find a really good uplifting song on my ipod (one where you can imagine yourself on stage) and then block everyone out of the class or the gym. but the best thing that i do i create my own personal workout timetable. it will depend on what you want to do suc as what muscle pairs you need to work on such as anterior tibial and gastrocnemius or your abdominals and latissimus dorsi. you couls talk to a specialist about what you want to do in your workout.

or you could always take a friend! :D when ever i go to the gym with my fieance i work much harder than usual because the company helps and i dont want to fail in front of him.


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I echo taking a helps with do group fitness classes...people just don't leave in the middle of class...another motivating factor can be pictures of how you looked when you were more fit...I find it is easier to go 5 days a week and make it a practice no matter how you feel than to keep saying..."maybe tomorrow"....unless it's sunday...I am going
Chiron, I find thinking about all the good things exercise gives you -- in terms that make you feel passionate -- is the best way to be motivated to work out. As long as I think of it as "work", I dread it and don't do it. As soon as I think about it in other terms that are meaningful in a strong way for me, I'm skipping along to the gym. Also, variety is key for me. Doing the same thing bores me to death. Good luck!


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another good reason for group fitness...always different...and I just look on my workout as a fact of life...sort of like my meals...gotta have them...working out just has to be becomes a habit...
usually I put on one of my skimpy rhythm competition dresses...I go 'ewe' and i am immediately motivated to workout, diet, and tan. Works like magic


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Maybe you should try going back to your old routine for a little while until you get into the familiar rhythm again, then try switching to the new workout again once you're back on track.


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You might still be suffering some aftereffects of the flu. A friend was sick for a couple weeks with it and it took her over a month to feel normal again. And yes, she blew off working out, etc, etc. - just didn't have the energy.

Aside from that, variety, a nice atmosphere and doing something enjoyable to work out really helps. I absolutely will not jog around my neighborhood - it just bores me to tears, even with headphones, a running buddy, a dog, etc. But I will walk through forest preserves or along a beach for miles.
Eh I'm on the tail end of a flu/cold myself and don't have the energy I should to work out. I haven't been dancing as much either because I just want to rest. Just get back into your routine slowly and don't over do it, it'll only prolong your recovery.


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The latin costume works for me, though in my case it's a latin shirt. Actually, it's the latin shirt, and the thought of the women who will be at the comp seeing me in said shirt. ;)

But yeah, definitely hard as hell to stick with workouts.


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Make a new iPod playlist for your workout of songs you really, really love - I find that motivates me to go to the gym because I really want to listen to them:) Also, try to go at a different time of day; maybe it'll work better for you to go at lunch rather than in the evening...
echo the sentiments about low energy for several days after the flu is seemingly gone. Normally, flu takes at least 2 weeks to be gone completely, sometimes longer. Even if the major symptoms are gone (major body pain, fever, medical leave from work, coughs, pain killers), there is a residue of the disease that keeps you very low on energy for several days. During this time, doing normal chorse (work, house, clean, friends, dance) will sap up all your energy and there is none left for exercise. So perhaps cut yourself slack for 2 weeks and then look at it again?


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Also try to pinpoint anty common behaviors that keep you from working out. For instance, midnight chow is just an hour or so before I get off work. I normally work out after work. But if I eat at midnight chow, 99.9% of time I won't go workout (so not only am I eating just a few hours before bed, which goes almost straight to fat, but it's also making me not workout, which puts me in even worse shape). Maybe for you it' sstaying up late, or not eatin gbreakfast, or whatever. Try to identify any common threads though on days you don't work out, so you can avoid them in the future.


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Aside from that, variety, a nice atmosphere and doing something enjoyable to work out really helps. I absolutely will not jog around my neighborhood - it just bores me to tears, even with headphones, a running buddy, a dog, etc. But I will walk through forest preserves or along a beach for miles.
Interesting. I don't jog much but I walk a lot. To alleviate boredom from seeing the same scenery all the time, I like to drive to some other neighborhood, park the car someplace, and walk there. :cool:
I'm new here and I just saw this thread so I don't know if this has been mentioned...I just wanted to say for me personally I hate working out, weights and machines and gyms are not for me. I get bored too quickly! The dance studio that I go to gives a toning your body dance class that is so much fun! We do some of the faster more upbeat latin not only are you getting a great workout but you're learning new dances at the same time...and its NEVER boring. I always recommend the class to people and most of them seem to really like it when they come in.
I remember a girl at the gym who always looked like she was having a ball, even when she didn't have a magazine or MP3 player. I once asked her about what motivated her and she said that she always visualised meeting her ex with her fabulous new body and that kept her motivated from minute one! :)
Happy dancing,

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