World Bachata Boot CAmp Tour


If you ever wanted to learn how to dance Bachata then you need to take Jorge's Boot Camp! Jorge has traveled all over the World teaching Bachata. Don't miss your opportunity to learn the latest sexiest dance to hit the United States. In no time you start moving your hips and enjoy the sensual dance with your partner.
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Jorge Elizondo's World Bachata BootCamp
2007 Tour Schedule

Hawaii Salsa Festival February 1-5, 2007
San Diego,CA February 6-10, 2007

Bachata BootCamp Tour: Location Pending

Los Angeles ,CA-SUNDAY, February 11, 2007
5 PM - 8 PM –Bachata BootCamp – Advance Levels
Location: Josie Neglia Dance Academy 342 1/2 N. Ford Blvd.

TEL: 323-261-0664

2007 Chicago Salsa Congress
February 15-19, 2007

Dallas,TX - February 21-23, 2007
Bachata BootCamp Tour: Location Pending

Kansas City ,MO- Saturday, February 24, 2007
12 PM - 3 PM –Bachata BootCamp – ALL Levels
Location: Amore Dance 527 W. 39th St. .

TEL: 816-84Amore


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