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The finals are supposed to be broadcasted on ESPN this Saturday December, 15th. Does anybody know the schedule? And which exactly ESPN (regular ESPN doesn't have anything like that this Saturday). I also couldn't find any pertaining info on the WSC website
From what I could gather from a quick :google: search, it's on ESPN International, and those of us in the US are not going to be able to watch it on TV. Maybe there's a way to watch it online? (If not, it'll probably show up on YouTube for a few weeks before getting yanked.)
Do anyone know the results for the first rounds?
I wounder if Fabian and Nina from Sweden managed to qualify for next round.

(The website is a disaster ...cannot find anthing about the results)

I' interested in the WSCH also. Only I know one couple on2 for the finals - Alfredo and Petya from Bulgaria :) Very happy about this. Any other info will be very very useful to me :)


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double post:)))the forum is very ...strange
It's probably the automated filtering software. It's set up to catch most of the spamming that those automated bots often do. It should, in general, clear up by about 10-20 posts. (and welcome to DF!)

They will show the competition on ESPN in April probably. NOT LIVE!
Thanks for the info!
World Salsa Championship Standings - Canada

From a source in Montreal, Montreal's Victor and Katia still in the On2 Finals; Oliver Pineda and Luda Kroitor still first going into the On2 Finals. Team Australia is in the Team Finals with Montrealer Joséanne - ex San Tropez student.

The organizers really have to get news out far faster than they do now. Ditto for exact times and information for ESPN broadcasts for all of North America.

Hope this helps...
Shampions on2 - Oliver & Luda
2nd - Jesus Aponte y Maryelis Molina
3rd - Junior y Emily

Final Results

On 1 Division: Abel and Zumara (Mexico/USA)

On 2 Division: Oliver and Luda (Australia)

Cabaret: John and Judy (Colombia)

Team: El Mulato Y Su Swing Latino (Colombia)
I finally got to watch some of the videos on youtube, i. e. the first four places of the on2 division: Oliver + Luda, Jhesus and Marielys, Emily and Junior, Luis and Anya.
The only ones I have seen dancing before are Oliver + Luda (only on video clips) as well as Jhesus (not in competition, only social dancing), all this to say that I did not have an opinion beforehand on who I would have liked to win.

Due to the bad quality of the finals video all I saw of Jhesus and Marielys was basically the legs and feet, which means, I cannot form myself an opinion on how they did in the finals.

I loved Oliver and Luda and thought their win was deserved. Oliver just outshines all the other guys, even Jhesus Aponte. This guy is all dance and all "sabor"! I cannot take my eyes off him when he dances. He also definitely outshines his partner, although she is very good. She is lacking something, though, I cannot pinpoint what it is. She got all the technique and the moves and the sharpness etc. but ...

I also loved Luis and Anya, never heard about them, don't know who they are. I absolutely loved their dancing, their connection, their fluency, their smooth and sexy moves, the way they moved their bodies and they moved aroung stage. They both definitely got "sabor"! Luis is a great dancer but Anya is fabulous. I like her better than Luda. IMHO she and Oliver together - that would be "IT". She has the "sabor" that Luda is missing.

My problem is with Emily and Junior and the audience apparently thinking they should have won. I just don't see it. Can someone explain to me what would have justified their win? I did not even think they deserved 3rd place. I thought Luis and Anya danced so much better. Emily and Junior certainly possess great skills but this was not the World Spin Championships nor a speed spinning competition, it was the World Salsa Championships. And all I could see was a zillion high speed spins in one spot, mixed with some high speed arm wiggles, all in one spot until the last quarter of the dance when they danced separately. And in between all those spins there was no great fluency and smoothness, either. You probably can tell that I am not a fan of zillions of fast spins...

And the judges apparently did not think, either, that they should have won, good!
salsera alemana,
Today's salsa..esp. comp., here in the states, is about high energy, fast turns, hits/stops etc. There are many dancers here in L.A. (including my 13 yr. old daughter and her 14 yr. old partner) that could have copied O/L's simple routine and probably look just as good. It was just short of a ballroom salsa routine. Few, if any, could do what Junior and Emily did. If you count the number of moves in each, J/E actually had more moves. O/L's foot work was, excuse the term, "goofy".
My only explaination for them winning was that the judges were from the ballroom world.
I am sorry if I have offended anyone, is just my opinion.
I just watched the videos of the 3 placers in the on2 division.

I didn't think there was a clear winner, it would depend on the criteria.

I would have chosen Jhesus and Mariela as my faves, they were the only ones with good body movement and musicality. Their technique was a little less clean than either of the other two though.

Between Oliver/Luda and Junior/Emily I'd have a hard time choosing. I didn't like either of the performances at all, they were both too fast and lacking in body movement. The Oliver/Luda routine left a little more space for the dancers to use their bodies but Luda didn't use it at all, she played everything very straight and boring. Oliver had a little more groove to him but he couldn't support the team alone. The Emily/Junior routine didn't even pretend to leave room or time for body movement but it was technically more difficult than the Oliver/Luda routine so if that's the criterion I guess they should have won. It's not what I'd call dancing though.

I also watched the Luis/Anya routine that salsera_alemana liked, I thought they were kind of a compromise. They had better movement and music choice (I've always liked Sun Sun Babae*) than either Oliver/Luda or Junior/Emily but still not as good as Jhesus/Mariela's. However their technique was somewhat cleaner than Jhesus/Mariela's.

The Abel/Zulmara routine was interesting also. Although it also suffered (like Oliver/Luda and Junior/Emily) from being spin-heavy and set to overly fast music, I thought Zulmara was very adept at inserting nice body movement into the tiny spaces where she had room to do so. I would have liked to see what she could do with a less confining routine. Abel seemed like he was too busy spinning her to do much of anything else though.

*OT: for a truly enjoyable interpretation of Sun Sun Babae, check out :) :)


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There are many dancers here in L.A. (including my 13 yr. old daughter and her 14 yr. old partner) that could have copied O/L's simple routine and probably look just as good. It was just short of a ballroom salsa routine. Few, if any, could do what Junior and Emily did. If you count the number of moves in each, J/E actually had more moves.

My only explaination for them winning was that the judges were from the ballroom world.
Hi barrefly,

I'll just put this out there--if your daughter and partner can look just as good as Oliver and Luda, then please tape them dancing just a few seconds and let the rest of us see...

What I see in Oliver and Luda is actual *dancing*! IMHO, what Emily does here is amazing... she can turn all day long, which requires lots of balance, and for them to be so in sync and so sharp requires lots of technical skills, but if you subtract some of the sharpness, then this spin-fest is what 90% of salsa dancers out there ARE doing, and especially for the guy, it doesn't require much movement to do. Sure, you have to move FAST... I think both routines were way too fast to really show dancing, but of the two, look at Oliver and Luda's clearly defined lines, especially his--this is one of the things judges look at. When you look at Junior and Emily, there are no good body lines, and they're stepping in place over and over. Watch both videos again if you want to see what I'm talking about.

I looked on the web site to try to find the panel of judges and saw that Billy Fajardo was the head judge, but the rules are here if you're interested in how they score competitors:

Billy Fajardo seems to be more of a cabaret specialist, and is actively involved in the social dances such as hustle, swing, and salsa. Thus, I would definitely not call him a "ballroom guy." I'm sure Albert Torres would not invite ballroom judges to adjudicate this event, and, if invited, no top ballroom judge would attend this event--it's not really sanctioned by any major governing body of dance, and tends to be viewed as a very informal competition (with no sanctioning and uniformity, how credible can it be?--I guess that depends on each individual's judgement), though I think it's great that it exists.

Again, I want to emphasize that all these performers have great skill levels to do what they do, and though personal styles vary, they're all awesome dancers!

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