World Salsa Federation Controversy

Our private emails are telling you the same thing, to put it out
here in the forum if you want, but yet you insist on going to
some web site rather than here.

That really says a lot about you...

I can post the private emails here if you'd like.
Hey no apologies from me there, the thing you don't realize though
is how much contribution I've given of myself to the forums, and to
everyone else that I come in contact with...

Would you like a listing so that perhaps you can educate yourself in some
small way?
Yes, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Be careful not to cook your goose. Contribute in a positive manner and I am sure things will be better for you this Christmas Day.


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Dance Forums Guidelines said:
There is one additional way you can advertise your product or service. You are welcome to place a link in your signature. To do this, click on "profile" at the top of the page. Please limit the link to 25 characters. Please do not use graphic links. One great thing about this is the more you post, the more exposure you get.
Just for the record, Isaac, every Dance Forums member has the option of posting a website in their signature. You're welcome to avail yourself of this, if you wish. But links to commercial sites are not okay. Dance forums is here for serious discussion of dance related topics, not for sales or promotion of products, services or organizations. And, as Fernando suggested, there are a few loose ends in the WSF thread. This is a great opportunity to educate us all on the value of your organzation.
Look Fernando, I am not disputing you contribute more here than I do, but you must admit, there are its advantages when you are selling somthing and your website is underneath your name. When I am selling something, there is no mistake about it. Contributing can be done in many ways. I am discovering new ways all the time.
Isaac, the world revolves around give and take.

I give, and I take, just like everyone else, I've never
said anything to the contrary.

In fact in a thread earlier I was very much against what
everyone else was saying about me you get
what you pay for.

It's not about you selling something, it's about this thread.

This thread is about WSF, not Isaac.

So since you represent WSF, either say your piece or move on,
that's it.
As I will continue to emphasize, we just can't advertise other sites here. If you have something to say, say it here.

It does seem that we have some people who disagree with the WSF. Hopefully, the WSF can find a way to change the opinion of these people by listening to their problems and trying to bring about an environment conducive to the opinions of others.

For example, organizations like the NDCA or the ISTD are governing bodies that are composed of many people who make decisions as a group. I'm not so sure the WSF is working under the same framework. Rather, it seems to be composed mostly of Isaac and Laura.

I think that Isaac and Laura may me trying to attract others, but it doesn't seem that they have found a way to bring people together. That means that they have little, if any, sort of governing body.

In order to create a large salsa organization, one would think that you would need to include some of the most respected names from New York, LA, Peurto Rico and other places. The WSF just doesn't have that going for it at this point, as far as I know.

Yes, they have successfully brought people from many places to their events. But they have not successfully formed a governing body.

To add to their problems there seems to have been some occurences that others felt were problematic. Examples include the cursing at the events, the question surrounding the "World Champion" title that Isaac and Laura give as a credential, and the questions surrounding the policies about judging.

Hopefully, the WSF will learn from their mistakes and improve their organization. Personally, I think the greatest weakness is in placing all of the decision making in only one or two people's control.

This is one of the reasons the Dance Forums is popular: because it is not run by any one person. There are aat least 10 moderators. We have a special forum just for discussing growth and issues that arise. We also listen to the opinions and suggestions of our members.

I wonder what the WSF is doing to listen? I wonder what process they are using to make decisions?
It seem you have missed the point.

I can say without hesitation, the moderators as a group make decisions here...not me as an individual.

If anything, SDsalsaguy has a broader role in the monitoring and editing of posts.

My role is more focused on the tech side.

Are you wanting to discuss the policies of the dance forums as a model for your organization?

Or are you wanting to address the questions posed by members?
LOL Isaac,

Why can't you address the issue instead of concentrating on
side issues?

Like I told you in our email, I respect the fact that you don't try
to hide behind a web site, but for crying out loud, just respond
to the issues.

This thread was not about attacking WSF, it's about understanding
it, and yet you really haven't done anything to help in understanding
This thread was not about attacking WSF, it's about understanding
it, and yet you really haven't done anything to help in understanding
Agreed. Even now, it seems you are taking a defensive posture, rather than trying to befriend us (thus increasing the size and influence of the WSF).

Why not try to help people to understand how you want to help the salsa community and especially how you are trying to resolve the issues that concern people the most about your organization?

I just don't see how attacking people is going to benefit you. Better just to let this thread die.
I wish all the people on this Forum a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and a very healthy and happy New Year. May all your dreams come true, and may we be living in Peace in 2004!


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IsaacAltman said:
I wish all the people on this Forum a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and a very healthy and happy New Year. May all your dreams come true, and may we be living in Peace in 2004!
This, Isaac, is something I agree with whole-heartedly! Happiest of holidays and peace to all!
That's the spirit, Isaac!
Best wishes to you and your family this holiday season.

Without the slightest bit of sarcasm, I truly wish you a wonderful year and hope you will grow and prosper in a genuinely meaningful way in 2004. :D
Thanks. I have posted a topic "ASK THE CEO OF THE WORLD SALSA FEDERATION" in order to help the Salsa community understand the WSF. I would like to reach out and answer some of the concerns and questions that one might have about the WSF. I would like to encourage some feedback in order to improve understanding about the WSF and to improve relationships with those who may not agree with the WSF concepts.

Happy New Year!

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