World Salsa Federation: US and World Championships

World Salsa Federation
United States and World Championships
November 1-3, 2002

Hola Salseros from Isaac and Laura,
The WSF 2002 United States and World Salsa, Salsa Showdance, Salsa Shine, and Salsa Team Competition is coming! Laura and I would just like to say how excited we are about this monumental event.

We are excited to announce that this 3 day event will be held at the famous Gold Coast Ballroom in Coconut Creek, Florida which is about 30 minutes from the Fort Lauderdale International Airport. There will be a pre-event Halloween Party on the 31st, at the famous Palladium Nightclub which is only about 5 minutes from the ballroom. Early bird packages are now being posted on

Our premier year of this event has and will continue to bring the WSF many challenges. One such challenge was to hold preliminary events all over the world to pick the couples to represent there prospective countries. As we have done this twice in the United States and in several other countries, there will not be enough time for the many countries who have requested to attend and compete. The WSF rules does not provide for this kind of delemma. The WSF will send out invitations to teams, individuals, and couples to compete in the different categories both in the United States and abroad. If you know of anyone that wants to compete, or if you are interested, contact myself or Laura at

Winners in this years contest will be aided by the WSF in getting video, television and print work with major artists.Major talent scouts as well as artists with their managers will be at our event to witness the best Salsa dancers in the World.

Workshops, Vendors, DJ's

The WSF is inviting teachers that want to teach at the United States and World Championships as well as DJ's to email us at

Because of the amount of attendees and celebrities, we are limited for space for vending. We will have room for only 5 vendors, so if you are interested, email us at

Finally, the documentary crew will be filming for the last segment on Salsa to be aired shortly afterwards. Don't miss your chance to be seen worldwide. Oh yes, besides all this contest stuff, we will have one HUGE Salsa party for 4 days!

Thank you for your time, and to keep up with all the current updates on this great event, go to and click on the 2002 Unit Sates and World Championships page.

Isaac Altman
CEO of the World Salsa Federation

Isaac and Laura

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