World Super Stars Dance Festival 2010

Loving the new couple on the block - Markus & Ksenia...lots of Rhythm and basic
Me too, I have never watched them closely before. Their chacha was great, and really liked the samba as well.

Anna is looking fantastic - really enjoyed her & Slavik's dances. They are looking really strong/together now & I like their style.
I'm so happy these are up! Now we can discussss.........

You guys all know which couple I like the best heheehe....but yes, completely agree, it was really nice to see Markus and Ksenia's performances as well (BTW, I saw him for the first time last week!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *faints*). I do think they showcased a lot of their strengths. Ksenia especially (who I never really pay much attention to) really stood out for me in the Cha. I enjoyed their Paso too.

Yes, Anna is seriously TO DIE FOR HOT. When I saw their Samba live (that was the first dance I watched), I seriously thought she could have not only stop traffic but cause some sort of a natural disaster with her in that outfit! And their Rumba is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice. She just has that body and that way of dance where you can feel her emotions.

I enjoyed Franco and Oxana's rumba too. They lose me in some places but overall, I think there are some sweet moments in there.

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